I Want To Use Video Games to Make Money. Where Do I Start?


I Want To Use Video Games to Make Money. Where Do I Start?

After 12 plus years of working for arguably the greatest video game company of all time, I've literally had thousands of people ask me about what it takes to work in the video game industry. So with that in mind I'd like to take this opportunity to give you my top three ProTips to get you (or someone you know) started on the journey to the perfect video game career:

ProTip 1: Be Clear About Why You Want a Career in Video Games

So, you know that you want to make money through video games, but what do you want to do? More importantly, why do you want to do it? Do you want to be a professional eSports athlete because you love the heat of competition? Maybe you want to be a professional streamer because you want to bring joy to your viewers? Do you want to be a developer because you love writing epic storylines? Answering questions like these openly and honestly is the first step because once you do, it will help you decide which activities will actually move you closer to becoming a video game professional. For me, I want to make video games because I love using interactive entertainment to empower others to live amazing lives.

Answer this question: The reason I want to be a __________ is because____________.

ProTip 2: Know Your Strengths

Think throughout your life. What are the activities that you naturally gravitated to that people constantly complimented you for? Did you make awesome works of art? Were you voted as most outgoing person in high school? Even if you aren’t particularly great at any one thing yet, your past can provide clues as to what you were “born to do.” The best way to stand out above the rest is to make sure to over deliver in terms of quality and/or quantity. Hard work is par for the course, but what will really set you over the top is by applying hard work to the things that you’re genetically gifted at. For me, I love to help people by nature and I’ve got a knack for mentoring others.

Answer this question: What are my top 5 strengths?

ProTip 3: Develop Marketable Skill Sets

Ok. So you know you love video games. You know what you’re good at. Are you actually developing the combination of skills that someone will pay you for? You may be able to beat Super Mario Brothers in less than 5 minutes, but is anyone paying you for it? If not, that skill by itself may be “worthless.” But perhaps you’re only one small skill away from making your skill SET marketable. Maybe you develop an additional skill as a public speaker and you leverage both of those to do paid leadership talks about “The Top 5 Life Lessons You’ve Learned from Video Games.”

Answer this question: What are some possible video game careers I’m interested in and the required skills needed to do them?

Now that you’ve narrowed down some possibilities, I’d absolutely love to hear about them and to help continue to guide you along your journey. Feel free to reach out

Steve Meim


Steve Meim has over twelve years of experience working as a professional in the video game industry and is credited with working on award-winning titles that have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. His success in creating a career where he’s excited to work every single day has inspired him to use video games as a tool to help others to do the same. Want to find out how video games even saved his life? Find him at his link above.