If It Was Simple, Everyone Would Be Doing It


For many of us, we kick off our fitness journey with no knowledge. Of course, lifting weights isn't so difficult, but where is the knowledge behind what muscle groups are being used in the exercise. What nutrition are we feeding our muscles to gain mass or lose weight? How are we taking care of our health on a daily basis watching our intake? It may be overwhelming to know the fundamentals at first, but understand everyone has been there. I was just like you, thinking I can get gains by not worrying about what I eat or how often I train. Sadly, I would not see any result from the way I took care of myself. However, from trial and error, I began to see massive success not only in my body but my mind as well from these three tips I learned that help changed my life. Here are three tips that will solve your problems or if you are starting off in your fitness lifestyle.


With having a mentor, it covers many roadblocks you don’t need to run into. Whether it's your business coach whom you go for business advice or a speaker coach, you ask for help in that field. Fitness is similar to business. When we first start our businesses, we do not know. We don't know where to start, what to do or how to begin. All we know is we have an ideal turn it into a business and then create future customers. Same with fitness, all we know is we want to look and feel good, but where do we start. That's when the mentorship comes in. Find someone who's been through the barriers and has the results you want. Invest in yourself, so you don't need to worry about the everyday obstacles many of us make. Remember who you pick as your mentor, is who you become. Be wise, and make sure you're looking for the results your mentor has.

Specialized Knowledge

Now what if we can’t find a mentor, what do we do? Don't make it difficult for yourself, begin researching. With the internet with have access to many things. Youtube is your best friend for content. You can learn workouts, nutrition facts, form, home workouts, etc. by typing in whatever it is you need to get out of your head. Not only that, we live in the era where we have professions podcasting in many fields. So there should be no excuse to why you are not getting the results you want. In this sense, the more you learn, the more you earn for your mind and body. Invest time in yourself, and begin teaching basic principles for yourself in the long run.


You don’t wake up the next day thinking you have a six pack from the abs exercise you did a day ago. Everything comes with a price. The more time you put in, the more you get out for yourself. Training three days in a week won't get you the progress you wish for. It's mandatory for you to train the best you can. You want results, how much time and dedication are you putting in on a weekly basis. What are you doing with your twenty-four hours in a day? You must be accountable for yourself. There will be days you will feel horrible, but think about the return on investment. What's your drive, what keeps you moving forward? People make it seem hard because they didn't pull all the way through. So if it were easy everyone would look great, but that's not the truth. The only way you will see massive success is so simple, and it’s taking action on a daily basis.   

Thank you for reading the three tips that not only help me reach success but for yourself as well. Remember, the time and effort you put in will dictate what you will get out of it. Success doesn’t always come overnight... Thanks for tuning in and now it's your turn to take unstoppable action.


Darian Chem


Darian Chem is an author speaker podcast and vice President of yes at Crawford high school he is a very outgoing leader who leads by example by always taking action on his goes while helping others achieve theirs