If you are a ParentPreneur

You need to read this before it’s too late...


Hi my friend, today I want to share the story of Emma, one of my clients. Of course, the name has been changed to preserve her identity.

Emma is a Single Mom of 2 beautiful girls and an Entrepreneur. She is amazing and beautiful, strong and powerful but….like many of you, she did not believe in herself that much.

She woke up many days feeling overwhelmed, responsible and upset because no matter what she did, her dream seems to be too far to be reached.

As time went by, she started being in hustle mode all day. She desperately needed things to happen already. Emma needed the money and the freedom because she believed that by reaching her goal she would have more time to enjoy with her loved girls.

For two years she sacrificed her family time working too hard. She would put her most serious face to say: “No time for playing girls, I HAVE TO WORK, we will have time in the future, I am doing all this FOR YOU,” over and over again.

Does it sound familiar? Maybe painfully familiar.

Maybe it is not your case but believe me when I say that it’s the path of many new entrepreneurs!

Like Emma, many new and not so new entrepreneurs that are also parents, feel the heavy weight of providing for their kids. Like many of us, they want to be able to give them everything including a good education, traveling, and all the material things they need.

As a mom of 5 and an entrepreneur, I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

As a coach, I learned that your kids only care for your happiness, your love and affection, and for your presence and time.

They might ask you for things today including the latest video game, the newest iPhone or the best computer. But believe me, when time goes by, they will treasure the moments you spent together like the laughs, the hugs, the “feeling loved and secure” with mom or dad, or both.

They will remember the long talks, the walks, and when you teach them to ride a bike or drive a car for the first time. Your kids will mimic you, so if you are strict and unhappy, they will learn from you to be serious and unhappy. If you don’t have time for them because you need to work all the time, they will probably do the same when they grow up. To build a future, you are missing the present, and that my friend, will never return. Time is the only commodity that we can never get back again.

The first school day, being a chaperone at the field trip, taking a day off on a weekday to take your child to a movie or a fire on the beach are all precious moments that will remain in your kid’s memories, forever.

And please my friend, above all don’t you ever, ever tell your kid you are doing this for them, don’t put such a burden on their shoulders.

Raise happy, joyful and loved adults, by being one.

Emma learned how to do it, and the most amazing thing happened. While shifting to joyful and believing mode, her business thrived and she outreached her goals. Now, she has time for her girls, she laughs a lot, she jumps out of bed every morning to a new adventure, and for sure, she is raising loved and happy kids by being a loved and happy adult.

“To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours is wisdom.” (Emerson)

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