Ignite Your Hidden Talents


What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What if you were defined as “limitless?” What would you do? You may think this is irrational or illogical… great! Sometimes that’s what it takes to get your mind’s attention. Not your eyes but your mind. To compete today you can use your eyes, yet to win, you must unlock and deploy the wisdom of your mind. You must know what people expect, then be sure and connect.

BE COMMITTED! Many have tried and failed, and there are more that have tried, failed and then succeeded. You will be amongst a select group when you champion your fear and keep moving toward the greatness that you are capable of. Put on display the ecological discovery that will inspire others to desire to create their own dreams and live above “see” level.

Some people are reading this, and the first thing that comes to mind is, “what is living above ‘see’ level?” Well, this is what caught my attention the first time I read it. Yet, I had a flood of meaning that accompanied the curiosity that led me back to this reading. I was enjoying a book titled, “Practical Action Tips for Go-Getters,” by a profound entrepreneur named ‘Action Jackson’, and as I read his book, I was drawn to so many great tips yet most of all, this one stood out to me. So, when I first read it, I instantly exclaimed, “This is outstanding!” It emphasizes the feeling of ascension or elevation for the entrepreneur and allows one to extrapolate deeper meanings to expand on it and contribute to showing people how to become 10 times better in all areas of their life.

Do you still believe in your desire to accomplish great things in your life? Why? Or why not? We all have dreams when we are children, and then we adjust to different things when we grow up. If you are a child, you might want to be a Fireman or Policeman when you grow up. When “life happens” and you finish school, get your degree you find yourself working in a large room with lots of cubicles and loud noise to tell you when the day starts, when to eat your lunch and when you can go home. Was this your dream when you were a child? I don’t believe it is your dream as an adult yet, we find ourselves settling for what pushes us instead of what attracts our passion.

Don’t settle when it seems life has gotten you down. If you can look up, you can get up! Let’s reach inside and imagine our success. Create your vision, hold on to that vision and never take your eyes off the prize.


Rashid Hill is the founder of ‘L3 Coaching Solutions’, a certified strategic intervention, career and relationship coach specializing in uncovering human potential and guiding individuals and teams to achieve that mental shift toward ultimate clarity and focus using his H.E.R.O. coaching model. He is also an author, trainer, investor and personal development consultant. He is a published author and is focused on educating people on the value of financial education, human needs psychology and emotional intelligence.