Impossible is Just a Word


My best advice for entrepreneurs is:

What do you do when you’ve worked hard, but NOTHING is happening? You followed the blueprint, you took the action steps, but nothing happened.

Does that mean success isn’t possible?

Do we sit and “wait” or do we give up?

Today I want to talk about staying on course even when you feel totally overwhelmed, stuck, and anxious.

Three years ago I was sitting on my bathroom floor crying. I kept thinking how did my life get to be like this? I was living off of food stamps, I didn’t have money to fill my gas tank, and I felt I would never find love.  I wasn’t finding work, and I felt defeated. Three years later, I am fully self-employed as a self-love and confidence coach, in love, and about to get on stage in front of a few thousand people.

Wait, you ask… "how did this happen? Something worked for you? Well, that’s great, but this can’t work for me…”

The thing is, success isn’t magic. There are no “magic buttons” or “following the steps.”It’s trusting that no matter WHAT, you will come through. No matter how big it looks now, the answer is “When you don’t give up, dreams don’t give up on you.”

We are only a 2-millimeter shift from what we want in life. We need to play to WIN, not to lose. At the end of the day, we are only in competition with ourselves. Really, that is the secret sauce. It happens when we are most ready for it. Not when we THINK we are prepared for it!

The hardest part is belief.  Words such as: “hope, wish, want” are feelings or doubt thoughts. I know, I believe, I will, are faith-based thoughts. It changes our life when we look at things this way. It makes things possible.

If you want the success and not the burnout, trust the process that you go through. Often when we are stuck it is because we need to learn something.

So, learn this, live this life…trust this process in life. You are it. Anxiety, stress and stuck are all words that hinder our growth.

Time to step out and act.

Chelsea Lee Rock

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