You hear people talking about being in the “FLOW” a lot.

It’s one of those words... Where you know EXACTLY what someone means by it... And yet NOT know exactly what they mean by it at the same time.

So let’s go ahead and talk about it!!

Below are five ways to better understand the “FLOW” in your life.

1. Flowing in the right direction.

Many times we can be floating instead of flowing. There’s nothing worse than climbing to the top of the ladder, to find out it’s been leaning against the wrong wall. What is your mission statement? Are you flowing in that direction?

2. Flowing in distinct patterns.

Success leaves clues. So walking in the flow and having influence with that flow... involves having distinct patterns. You must allow yourself to make room for significant opportunities. You will not have room though when your life is filled with wounded paradigms and makeshift materials. Find out what it takes to build your dream castle. It will be distinct.

3. Flowing influence.

You don’t want to be the best song that no one has ever heard. Now that you made sure you are flowing in the right direction, you’ve found the right materials to build your dream castle, and you want to make sure it’s reaching it’s highest potential. Find out who you need to reach out to, to bring everything to life. You’d be surprised to hear who or what was done in the background that made celebrities known, the way we know them today.

4. What flow consistency consists of.

The flow consistency comes from abundance. The ability to think right, hear right, and walk right. The flow consistency doesn’t have to be extremely hard, but it does take work. It takes change. Change from within.

5. You deserve the flow!

Many times we live our life down the “beaten down path” because we didn’t know we deserve our unique one! We wouldn’t have any of the greats without their unique paths they flowed on. You can’t compare yourself to what hasn’t been done yet. You can only compare yourself to the progress you’ve been making each day against the last.

So GO AHEAD and make some in-FLOW-ence in your life and the life around you. We all deserve to see it.

Marc Beatty


Marc Beatty is a Published Author, Speaker, Influencer, and Business Consultant. He lives in Columbus, Ohio. He is on a mission to help people to live their life more intentionally and on purpose.