Increase Your Vision by Laying Your Foundation!


Can we all agree that we all desire a great life? That we want to be able to provide for our family and live on our terms. Of course, you do!

Let’s say you want to build your dream house. Before you lay the first brick, you must lay your foundation. You are achieving success and more importantly, MAINTAINING it will require you to have that strong foundation so you can enjoy your success for years to come.

What is needed to have that strong foundation? The answer is the vision. Just like a foreman would with a house, he must know the vision for the structure will be. How big does it need to be? Is there the potential for something hazardous that could destroy the structure like earthquakes or hurricanes? What kind of people will be using the building? Defining the visionary foundation that will make sure that this building can withstand anything that comes around.

I learned the importance of building my visionary foundation when I went to an entrepreneur event and heard one of the speakers on stage. He was so confident and so sure of himself that at the end I stood up and asked him “What if you want more out of life but don’t know where to start?” He told me to get around people that were at a position that I wanted to be at; a position that was higher than me. To help me define and form a vision for myself I needed to be around others who already had and defined their own lives. So I found amazing individuals the pushed me and helped me form my vision.

Remembering the impact that speaker had on me made me want to do the same for others. I had formed the vision of speaking and impacting others to define their vision for their lives so they can be as impactful and influential as possible! I now use my life to add value and pour into and connect with. I am the foreman that helped others build their dream home. And it all started with trying new things, getting a little uncomfortable and being around amazing individuals!


James Adalberto Nelson is a Marine Veteran and known as the Chain Breaker Speaker. After joining a mastermind with no business, no business idea and no vision for himself, he was finally able to break the chains that held him back and define his life and purpose. Now he helps others break their chains so that they can live the life they are meant to live as the person they are meant to be!