Influencing Others As An Entrepreneur & 5 Keys


When you think about influencing others in business, you might say that being aligned is the first step in successful efforts to influence! Are we doing things that give our customers opportunities to achieve their own goals? We might ask ourselves are they better off working with us? If not, business will be more difficult than it should be and no one will benefit or profit…

Success in business depends a lot on one’s ability to influence others to get them to do what we want! Customers should be convinced to make a purchase. Entrepreneurs need to be convinced to make a sale or build a product or whatever their goal may be in order to make that sale possible.

Being an influential leader in business means you might often find yourself having to exert influence over others. Entrepreneurs succeed by getting hundreds, thousands, even millions of people to behave in desired ways in order to reach business goals. So, this means you have to influence people and in some ways change people's behavior. I think that motivating and rewarding people to do what you want them to do is much better than trickery, force or threatening someone. Because at the end that will end up hurting your efforts and your influence! You might ask yourself if you have ever been in that situation and how it made you feel. Did that person influence you in the right way or the wrong way?

How do you influence and give back to your customers, while you make a strong impact in just a few words and convince them why they are better off working with you? As an entrepreneur and an influencer, if you’re not clearly different and more desirable to work with, some entrepreneurs and some businesses will not prosper. So I believe to prosper you need to give back and serve first truly! If you do it the other way around you will probably be an afterthought! When you become clear on how to satisfy others needs and influence them in a good way, I believe you will have much more success with the alignment that will help them and you at the same time.

5 Keys That Influence A Successful Entrepreneur!

1. Communication: Creating ways to express ourselves properly no matter if the situation is good or bad at any time.

2. Creativity: Having inspiration, talent, and creativity to be able to come up with new ideas that inspire others.

3. Passion: It is necessary to feel a true passion for your projects, dreams, and ideas that we want to achieve, with the ability to establish realistic goals and make decisions.

4. Team: Having a team that understands and shares your vision and helps to execute ideas and projects. Having the determination to keep working on projects even when the working environment and the circumstances are not suitable.

5. Flexibility: Knowing how to react and adapt to changes that will occur with the environment, market, and consumers.


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