Insights to Why Men Must Value Women


As a young man, I have noticed that woman alone can never make a man happy; however, a woman can surely increase a man’s happiness level if only he is already in joy. A man shall not find a woman who expresses positive feelings if he himself is emotionally unstable.



The Law of Attraction states that you attract who you are as a person. So in order to have a beautiful, emotionally healthy and self-confident woman, you yourself must carry those traits. Once you figure out the fundamentals, the woman you are looking for will soon enter your life.

A man isn't a man without a woman. A man needs a woman in order for him to be an actual “man.” If you try influencing yourself into believing that you don’t need a woman in your life, you’re completely lying to yourself and your subconscious mind will never believe you.


Accepting your emotions and being confident enough to be vulnerable around your woman will truly make you a stronger and more powerful man because that’s the power that a woman has. The power of a woman is the key that unlocks the door to a man's fullest potential and will make both of their lives enriched.

As a guy myself, I notice that most men aren’t willing to share their feelings or worries. And some men may think they need to suck it up and be tough. But it doesn’t work that way because emotional pain builds up, which causes stress. However, by opening up to your woman, you will receive benefits such as advice, motivation, answers and confidence.


Your woman is your partner in crime, your best friend and someone you can truly look up to. When times are rough, you go to your woman for advice because she is your kindest gatekeeper and the person to whom you can express whatever it is in life that bothers you.

Lastly, I encourage you men without a woman to have positive traits because you attract who you are. The woman of your dreams will soon come.


And men with women should open up because it will make you a better and stronger man and it allows your relationship to become more powerful, which will turn you into a power couple.


In the end, having that partner in your life will change your world.

Darian Chem


Darian Chem is an author speaker podcast and vice President of yes at Crawford high school he is a very outgoing leader who leads by example by always taking action on his goes while helping others achieve theirs