Inspired by Four Legs and Fast Food


Kona Kai captured my heart the first moment I saw her. She was wanted, chosen, and loved. Tiny, less than a pound, but ever so cute! She was a particular Shih Tzu breed sporting brown lips, eyes, and nose!

Training began immediately. Sit. Stand. Come. Stay. Dance. As I was teaching her – she was teaching me – especially on how to become a successful entrepreneur. Here are a few lessons I learned from her.


Kona is a master at identifying opportunities – especially when there is food in sight. When the microwave beeps, the cheese slice package squeaks open, or the smell of dinner permeates the air – she is alert. Her mind, nose and eyes, ears – every part of her being begin to figure and plan how she will capitalize on her opportunity. If one way doesn’t work, she moves on quickly and finds another way. Stopping is not an option. “No” merely means – try another way.

Ray Kroc began his career as an entrepreneur when he invented the machine for making milkshakes. After going store to store without desired results, he landed in a hamburger store. Multiple visits later, he realized the opportunity for a fast food concept would be advantageous. Perseverance, grit, and determination saw him become the Corporation Founder of McDonald’s. He knew that success consisted of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.

Ray Kroc never stopped until he could say, "I’m lovin' it!"


Kona knows who her target audience is! She has identified who to go to, when to push, and how long to push to get the required results. Kona has different strategies for different people. Some get influenced by a passive approach – a constant stare. Others need a more flare and an aggressive approach so that a little dance show may be necessary. She reads every situation and executes her strategies flawlessly until she nails the deal.

At the age of 65, Colonel Sanders retired, and due to all his setbacks, he felt like a failure. He sat down to write a list of everything he would have liked to accomplish and realized he was an excellent cook. After borrowing money to begin, door-to-door selling of fried chicken started. Rejected 1,009 times, he continued until he was able to influence his decision makers. Kentucky Fried Chicken became one of the largest fast food chains in the world.

Now that is "Finger-lickin’ good."


Kona has perfect focus. When she has a goal in mind, especially her passion for her treat ball, her patience and persistence do not waiver. She will focus without wavering.

Glen Bell opened a hot dog stand and called it Bell’s Drive-In. Bell noticed that across the street the lines were always long to get into this Mexican restaurant. Showing interest, the owners allowed him to see the taco making process. As he focused on all he could do with this new knowledge, his business began to flourish into the fast food successful restaurant - Taco Bell. He indeed did "think outside the bun."

Have you reached the point in your business where you can say, “I’m lovin’ it”? Are the successes in your business, "finger-lickin' good?" If not, intensify your focus and think "outside the bun"… the results will be surprising.

Sandra Graham


Sandra Graham is a photographer, author, chef and entrepreneur. The focus in all aspects of her career is LIGHT. Her international best-seller, “Light Changes Everything - The Most Powerful Tool to a Photographer and for a Radiant Life”, was written to encourage others that no matter what difficulties or loss they are facing, Light is the answer for a Radiant Life. As an award winning photographer, every image showcases light. Visit for a visual journey of our beautiful world.

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