Intentional Living


“We don’t attract what we WANT; we attract what we ARE.” 

Living intentionally gives us the ability to live our life by design and purpose. Below are FIVE facets to outpour “living by design” into tangible manifestations in our life.

1) Intentional Awareness.

“Awareness is our ability to see like night vision goggles.” We must know we are capable of manifesting our dreams, visions, and trajectories into tangible experiences. Awareness will expose little habits we have formed due to hidden insecurities. These habits can create different trajectories that oppose our vision.

2) Limiting beliefs into limitless beliefs.

“Thoughts become things.” Limited beliefs stop us from going forward in life. We inherit them by different contributors: 1) What our primary caretakers taught us, 2) what media shows us, 3) and our negative self-talk and low self-esteem. We have to be intentional to clear the chalkboards and fill them with everything we were created to be.

3) Doing everything is the same thing as doing nothing.

“You can’t be great at everything.” An old Chinese Proverb said, “You chase two rabbits, you catch none.” Are you pouring yourself into a project with holes in it? You can’t steer a parked car. On a scale of 1-10, we are all born with certain gifts. Whatever your gift number is, you’ll only go up 2 points at most, even if you work your entire life at it. Work on a gift you’re an 8 at, and you’ll get the chance to be a 10 at something in your life.

4) Admit your weaknesses.

“Having people in the wrong place can be bad.” You will never have enough staff to do everything. Learn how people are wired. Be intentional placing people. Embrace the tough conversations. Hugging someone long enough won’t fix what needs to be done. Give people titles -- they like them. We should be working ourselves out of a job at all times, as a leader. 

5) Who we are will determine how we see others.

“We are always adding or subtracting from others.” Good intentions don’t get results; being intentional does. Start your day with, “Who WILL I add value to?” Then, end each day with, “Who DID I add value to?” Be specific: 1) Who it will be, 2) what it will be, 3) when it is going to be, 4) and where it is going to be. Be intentional.

Marc Beatty


Marc Beatty is a speaker, writer, up-and-coming author, thought leader, and is a mission to help others live their life intentionally and “On Purpose.”

Twitter: MarcOnPurpose