“It’s not influence; it’s being genuine.”

Interview with House of Shamrocks owner Michael Wilds


As a director and Auntie Mary of Young Entrepreneur Society, It feels amazing to connect with our future leaders at the high schools. Not only is it amazing to be an influence in the San Diego community but also to be able to bring it back home to where it all started felt amazing!

I traveled back home to not only visit my family but also to spread the influence of my book. It touched my heart to hear my nieces and nephew share with me the lessons they learned from reading my book “Letters To Me; Life Lessons I Wish I Knew.” MY BOOK!!! It feels absolutely incredible to be able to bring this kind of positive influence in their lives.

On my trip back to Michigan I was able to share what we do at Y.E.S with my friends and family. I even hosted a book signing at “House of Shamrocks,” located in the heart of Hazel Park. It was a magical night, and everyone left inspired and in high spirits.

Thankfully, after an amazing event I was able to sit down with Michael Wilds, the humble owner of the most popular Irish Pub, “House of Shamrocks” (Shamrocks) and learn more about him, his values, and what has made him so successful as a business owner of 20 years.

Once I actually got to sit down with Michael and learn about him, it was obvious that Michael is a positive influence and leader to his family, his customers, his Shamrock staff, and of course to the neighborhood.

It was such an amazing story to learn that before Michael became an entrepreneur, he spent 15 years in the corporate world before eventually deciding he wanted more. That was the start of it all for him. Within two years, Michael bought and has owned Shamrocks for over 17 years and currently has 20 employees on his team. He even has plans in the very near future to expand, but we won’t give away those details.

When asked about how he brings positive influence to those around him, he genuinely advised,

“I don’t really consider it influencing, but what’s important is the way you treat the people that you meet. It’s all about encouraging customer relations, remembering your customers by name, conversing and getting to know your customers. I love to also encourage my employees and have communication between us that will benefit their success even beyond work.”

Before we closed out our interview, Michael shared a big business tip that has served him well, and as a bar owner, his point of view is right on point.

“Don’t get caught up in the environment you created, because you’ll forget what you’re trying to still build.”

After such a great interview, it’s only fitting to leave you all a quote Michael Wilds lives by:

“You’re not here for a long time; you’re here for a good time.”

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“Auntie” Mary Hang


Mary Hang is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Although she wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, her biggest and most rewarding passion is impacting the youth through Young Entrepreneur Society.