Jillian Rose Darlington

Being an entrepreneur has not always been easy for Jillian, but it has been a way for her to be the kind of mom she always wanted to be and it allows her to do great things for other people.

Jillian started her entrepreneurial journey nearly 10 years ago with an indoor playground in East County San Diego. That's how she became known in local mom circles. After selling that business in 2013, she created the MomCo app, which brought her national recognition.

Jillian created the MomCo app because she was the first of her friends to have a kid and she found herself unable to consult with other mom friends. After working hard to build her circle, she learned how important it was for moms to have other mom friends, so she created the MomCo app to fill that need.

Realizing the largest expense of the MomCo brand was the app, in 2015 Jillian ditched the app and created MomCo Moms where she works with hundreds of moms who admin mom groups and organize play dates and mom’s nights out.

Jillian feels it's highly important in business to be able to understand, follow, and check other people's work, so she recommends having an educational match to the business idea you have so that you can stay in control of your business.

Leading by example and being engaged with her community makes Jillian a game changer. She's proud to be a fantastic mom and making a difference for other moms. Her life mottos are "you can't control what people do to you, but you can control what you do for others" and "she needed a hero, so she became one." She encourages women to be the best you can be.



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