Juan David Ortiz-Romero

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Profile headline: Grind Together


Ultimate goal: Financial freedom to support his brother


Juan is from Colombia and is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. After leaving the Corps, Juan worked as a valet while he went to college, and there he found his true passion: event planning and marketing! He ran his first event at his community college and raised $9,000 to help support U.S. Veterans.


Juan’s primary focus at the moment is LendIt, his start up company. In addition to LendIt, he works with the Veterans Chamber of Commerce and has his own event planning business! Juan’s best advice for those looking to get into marketing or event planning is to get out and network and to not forget that networking happens anywhere, anytime!


Juan is not only looking for love from another person, but he continues to love himself and everything he does! Juan wants to avoid the humdrum of a 9-5 where the problems that come home just get repetitive and, instead, is looking for an entrepreneur to share an exciting life with.


This bachelor is looking for a special person he can grind with, grinding out those tough roadblocks that entrepreneurs face everyday. Juan is looking for an adventurous entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to step outside of their comfort zone, and is happy dating while also moving their business forward.


If you are looking for a bachelor who is fun, driven and confident, this is the guy for you! You can catch Juan preparing for the San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Fest, networking to improve his business, or working with local veterans who aim to scale or transition into entrepreneurship!