July Edition: Freedom & Our Troops

July Edition: Freedom & Our Troops

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July Edition: Freedom & Our Troops

So often as entrepreneurs, you want freedom. Freedom from a job, financial freedom, time freedom. But how often do you think of what the freedom we already have, costs? San Diego is one of those towns that is filled with America’s military service men and women, whether active duty or veteran. These servicemen and women are willing to give the freedoms that every entrepreneur craves for years at a time so that you can have the freedom thought of as a right in America. 

    For these freedoms, Life By Design Magazine wants to thank every serviceman and woman that has risked life and limb for our freedom. With all the skills that our service men and women learn while serving, Life By Design believes that our active duty and veteran communities make the best entrepreneurs! Here are the three qualities that our service men and women embody that make them the best entrepreneurs around!


    The Life By Design team has been to many conferences, workshops, and seminars where focus has been described as a superpower. Fine-tuning your focus is something entrepreneurs have struggled with for many years. Constant distractions are a part of life that seems to be more and more apparent every day. But what the Life By Design Team has noticed is in the military community, focus is something that is abundant.

    This skill is taught over years of military service in every task that is given to any military member. Having extreme focus is something that can be the difference between life and death in many situations. As an entrepreneur, you often find yourself pulled in a million different directions, with a million separate things on your plate. However, the ability to stop and focus on one task at a time guarantees that you will get each task fully done.

    There is a story of a professor that brings a large empty jar to his classroom. He then pulls out large rocks, pebbles, and sand, and asks the students how to fill the jar, so everything fits. The first student tried putting the sand in first, then the pebbles, but when it was time to put the rocks in, the jar was filled. This was when the professor explained that so often we get caught in the small tasks and leave the significant tasks never to get done. He then filled the jar with the rocks, then put the pebbles in, as they shook down, filling the small areas around the rock. Lastly, he filled the jar with the sand, allowing it to shake down into all the remaining space.

    Having that laser focus allows entrepreneurs to finish the large task so that you can fill in space in your schedule with the smaller tasks. But without this laser focus, you will continue to get pulled in the direction of the grains of sand.


    While many things in this world require a vast amount of determination, there are few that I have seen as great as joining the military. You start out having to train, commit, and meet the standards before you are even in! Then you must commit months of your life, give up your friends, family, and any small comfort you are allowed. As you work through these grueling months, you are tested physically, mentally, and emotionally on a daily basis, and at the end of all of it, you come out the other side in a starting role.

    As entrepreneurs, we often put so much effort and training, but never to start out in a role that is an entry-level or beginning role. But this determination that the military brings out in every service member allows them to go through their career seeking more. Instead of saying I deserve this, often our service men and women, ask how I can obtain this? Instead of wishing and wanting, we see so many more of America’s service men and women grinding daily away at what they can do to make those dreams a reality.

    The determination of a service member is one that every entrepreneur should work towards. Being determined in your business means being willing to be uncomfortable, being willing to put in long hours, obscene amounts of work, and being willing to follow those who have been before you. Every time you get knocked down, you get back up, every time there is a setback or failure, you continue to push through instead of giving up. That is what being determined means to Life By Design. 


    Although one person may be able to do a job, no one person can complete a mission. From day one in the military, you are put in a team that you are expected to work alongside, whether or not you like them. There is a chain of command set in place so you can learn from those that have completed the jobs you need to now. You then have team members around you that are there to help or complete tasks of their own that will benefit the mission. Each team is meant to run like a well-oiled machine, so each person on that team has one focus, which is completing the mission.

    This goes for more than what is often thought of when someone says a military mission. This could be as large as a combat mission, or even a mission to complete packing and checking safety gear. Each task is handled with the idea that the mission they are on is the most crucial thing they have to do. This is a key element in a team. Each person has a task that they are fully responsible for, but it is every member of the teams' responsibility to make sure the mission is carried out.

    Take a second and think about a time when you were part of a team, and a small task didn’t get completed but, it wasn’t your task. In the world of entrepreneurship, it is easy to say “well, it wasn’t my fault, because that wasn’t my job.” But as a teammate, it is your job to see the mission through. Learning to work in a team is one of the most valuable skills you can gain. Knowing your strengths and being willing to accept help with your weaknesses will drastically change your entrepreneurship journey! You know what they say! “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go with a team.”

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Kristen Crooks is a personal assistant, ghostwriter, event planner, and speaker. She works closely with all their clients to truly understand their passions, tone, and ideas so their vision can unfold in front of their eyes. In a world that is increasing more digital Kristen hopes to bring her personal touch to each article, and event that she works on. While working with Stegela Success Mastery Kristen found her passion in writing and planning events for those around her. Starting out in Cosmetology and Barbering Kristen has always enjoyed the freedom that entrepreneurship allows but was not living her passion! Now Kristen focuses on helping others through amazing events, and making sure their stories are told, and heard! While events and ghostwriting are part of her passion, the true joy comes form helping people achieve their goals, and ultimately see others dreams unfold before their eyes.