Keeping Faith By Way of Self-Care


“Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.” Norman Vincent Peale

Faith is not belief in what you see. Faith is hope despite what you cannot see.

To have true faith, you have to work at it. You have to control your thoughts continually and your words to ensure that your faith in what has yet to come remains unshakeable.

Being an entrepreneur is quite taxing on any one individual. We often work beyond our own measures, put in long hours, and are pulled in many directions all at the same time. It’s a demand for our mental and emotional well-being; as well as our physical and spiritual health.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you must keep your faith high. Obstacle after obstacle after obstacle is consistently thrown our way. We are taxed beyond our wildest dreams. If you are not careful, doubt will seep in and take over your faith in what has yet to come.

The single most effective way I keep my faith intact is to put a great deal of attention on taking care of myself. By making self-care a priority, I am able to keep myself replenished and guarded for any obstacles or attacks that come my way.

At this point most people start thinking of self-care as taking time to meditate, giving yourself an afternoon off, or giving yourself a treat like a spa day. My favorite number one way to disconnect from the daily grinds of entrepreneurship is entirely different than any of these.

Yes, I do enjoy spa days and pampering treatments and time to myself. But my ultimate favorite way to get away from it all is to experience adventures - mini, one-day road trips. These short trips are a great way to get away and experience something new or visit a favorite place.

Being in Southern California, there is most certainly no shortage of mini, one-day road trips.

There are drives through the beach towns up Pacific Coast Highway, drives to mountain towns, drives down into Mexico, visits to monuments you haven’t seen before, visits to spectacular gardens and parks – the list literally goes on and on. With the moderate weather in Southern California, the options are truly limitless.

By taking the time to get away, spend time outdoors, and seeing and experience the area we live in, you refresh your soul, illuminate your spirit, and allow your light to shine brightly again. By consistently renewing your mind, body, and spirit, you are easily able to keep your eye on the prize and have your faith in your efforts and in yourself remain high.

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Janine Holman is a freelance writer, photographer, and travel blogger - founder of Life Beyond Awesome – a site of travel journeys for adventurers, foodies, and lovers of luxurious things.  Her stories cover both local and international travel and focus on diving into cultures and communities and the people who make them thrive.  She invests time in learning how to best travel on a dime – being money smart and maximizing travel dollars while still enjoying the luxurious side of life (spas, restaurants, quaint places to stay, etc.).  Janine covers all kinds of topics and is known for being adventurous, enjoying the outdoors, and embarking down the path less traveled.  Most of all Janine enjoys sharing her life’s adventures and showing others how they too can design a Life Beyond Awesome.