Ken Conklin

Profile Headline: My Name is Ken, But You Can Call Me Mr. Right Because I Am the Guy You Are Looking For!

Ultimate goal: To help people realize their dreams and potential



Ken got his start in entrepreneurship marketing for a multimillion-dollar company at the age of 19! He started out as an assistant and through hard work it only took a couple of months for the company to fire their head of marketing and replace him with Ken. Now he runs a premium brand company helping other entrepreneurs build their brand to attract higher paying clients. Ken’s purpose is to help people realize their purpose so they can live up to their true potential.


Although branding takes up most of Ken’s time, he has taken stage and speaks to increase his impact and boost his personal brand! Ken’s best advice for starting entrepreneurs is the more you do, the less you wait! Being Ken’s life motto, he lives by this quote so he can make a greater impact in as short of a timeframe as possible!


Ken is looking for someone who knows who they are and what they want, someone looking to flourish in their passion and ambition, but who will also compliment his personality and can have fun. Although dating an entrepreneur would be fun (it’s not a deal breaker), the most important thing to this bachelor is ambition!


Becoming an entrepreneur may not have shifted Ken’s view on dating, but it has changed his focus! This bachelor’s next relationship won’t be someone he relies on to define who he is, which he believes will make the relationship more fun! Instead of a relationship where you look to another person to define who you are, Ken is excited for a relationship where they can complement each other instead. So if you are ready for a relationship where you can have fun, but also focus on your business and making an impact in this world, this bachelor is the guy for you!