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September Edition Cover: Kevin and Devona Stimpson

September is all about scaling, and this month we have one thing that you need to scale your business to new heights.  Kevin and Devona Stimpson are the power couple not only a brand but a lifestyle that attracts premium clientele. Kevin and Devona are high school sweethearts, that scaled their relationship from Myspace to the entrepreneur space. Growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia both Kevin and Devona had their own skills, passions, and dreams, but something very different was waiting for them. 

Devona focused on graphic design, while Kevin was working in I.T. with dreams of being a CIO at a large corporation. But this did not stop their side hustles. Starting with a clothing company and an cell phone application, this power couple learned some very valuable lessons about business. The true lessons started when they joined their first mastermind. When Kevin and Devona decided they wanted to start pursuing entrepreneurship, they began to notice the entrepreneurs that they followed all lived in southern California. At that moment they decided to move to California, so Kevin asked every higher-up possible to transfer him. Once Kevin and Devona moved out to Southern California, they made a plan when they wanted to quit their day jobs, and started working towards it. 

This led them to a three-day event, the first day both Kevin and Devona said no way they are buying into the program after. The second day, they started to perk up a bit, and the last day they were ready to invest $36,000. That decision changed their path forever. Getting that mentor, joining their mastermind gave them access to a different network which eventually launched their business to a new level. From that day they built Strive and Grind, which helps entrepreneurs attract premium clients through branding. 

Now Kevin brands entrepreneurs so they can attract a premium client base, while Devona focuses on her art business. Both Kevin and Devona have big plans for scaling! Strive and Grind is going to scale to be an entrepreneurship lifestyle brand, with everything from gyms to entrepreneurship lounges. Branding is the stepping stone to create a massive movement focused around leveling up your network by surrounding yourself with like-minded hustlers. Being a creative Devona has heard the “starving artist” stereotype to many times, and has decided to challenge it! Now through the GangStar Creative, Devona helps equip creatives with the business skills it takes to build massive success.

However, that's not the only moves this power couple is making! Their newest project in the making is Black Boss. This group focuses on empowering the African American communities to be more present in the entrepreneurship community. Kevin found that often at masterminds, networking events, and conferences the room was less than diverse and has made it his mission to change that fact!

Interviewing these two powerhouse entrepreneurs gave Life By Design so much value, and now we want to share their tips with you! Building a brand that attracts high paying clients, positions yourself as a go-to leader in your industry and allows charge top dollar for your products and services, will change the way you do business. Here are some of the amazing tips that Kevin and Devona have to start building a premium brand that will help scale your business.

Be the Best at one thing

So often you will see people upselling, and down selling or even just selling whether they are good at the service they provide or not. Being the best at the service you provide will allow you to sell at a premium price point. When Kevin and Devona started, neither of them had a background in branding, but their mentor told them they should start one. This is where they invested time and money to become the best at branding they could. They began to read books on branding, listen to experts and as they did this the knowledge transferred to them, and they became the branding experts. With each new experience and client, they were able to create their own methods and systems to build a totally unique way of branding. Now you won't see Kevin and Devona offering social media service or copy creation, but you will always find them branding. This is because they studied their field and now share the knowledge they gathered with their clients. So if you want to learn how to be the best in your industry start by learning everything you can about your industry, and create a proven system that positions yourself as the expert.

Invest in a Mastermind

When we asked Kevin and Devona what they did to set themselves up for premium prices, in the beginning, they told us they joined masterminds. Masterminds aren't just about learning from those around you, but it’s also about the connections you make in those groups. The first mastermind Kevin and Devona invested into was $36,000 dollars, but that means all those people in the group were also investing that much to improve their businesses. When you get around a group of people that have the same mindset of investing, you expand your client base. In fact, some of Kevin and Devona’s first clients came from their masterminds. This is a great way to get testimonials, hone your craft, and build your portfolio. Being a part of a mastermind is what gave Kevin and Devona the idea to start their branding agency, which is what they are scaling into a full-fledged lifestyle brand. Being part of a mastermind is a great place to get the ideas you need to build your empire and a place where you can find valuable information on how to scale. 

Do your market research 

Building a premium brand means you need to know what premium looks like, what services are provided, and what premium charges like in your industry. This comes from researching your field. When Kevin and Devona started the branding portion of Strive and Grind they noticed that premium branding agencies charged anywhere from $2,000-$50,000 dollars. Doing research on your industry will help you pick the price point of a premium brand. It will also help you build out your programs and services, pick your customer service strategies, and design a look that is premium and all you! When you start your business, it is important to have an idea of where you want to go when you research your field you can see what companies have gone where you want to, and how they did it.

Bonus Tip! 

Build brand credibility

Brand credibility and social proof is something that can help you bring your brand to the next level. When Kevin and Devona first started they began taking a few pro-bono clients. These clients were strategically chosen to get more visibility. Working with high-level clients can oftentimes help you book other high-level clients. This works best when you get a video or written testimonials from your clients! Other ways of building social proof are going to be speaking, publishing content, building your social media, and many other avenues. But when choosing clients to improve your visibility make sure to do it like Kevin and Devona, with intention. 

This month Life By Design is so excited to have Kevin and Devona on the cover! Strive and Grind is one of the businesses to watch for entrepreneurs! Not only have they started an incredibly successful business, but they have the vision and the work ethic to build it into a brand that changes the entrepreneur space. Building a premium brand is one thing that will help you scale your business to a new level! Don’t miss out on what Kevin and Devona are doing, reach out to find more about 

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