Kristin Naomi

LBD February-95.jpg

Profile headline: Passionate, Driven, loves cheesy jokes!

Ultimate Goal: To bring emotion into as many lives as she can!

Kristin’s brand may be of her as an actor, but she is so much more! Able to do anything behind the camera from directing to gripping, she can do it all whether she is on or off camera. But that’s not all! Kristin also owned two businesses before she turned 30, making her one killer triple threat.

If you are looking to get started in the industry, Kristin’s best advice is start now! Don’t wait for the perfect job or role. Set that goal and go for it!

Kristin’s biggest goal for 2018 is to find someone who wants to have fun, travel, and can communicate. This bachelorette wants that connection you get with someone that allows for adventure, experience, and travel. Although she hadn’t thought about it too much, she is looking for an entrepreneur! She really wants someone to run the race next to!

Since becoming an entrepreneur, Kristin’s view on dating has changed. Before, she was much more playful, and didn’t know exactly what she wanted. Now she wants someone who is driven, passionate, and even though she knows they won’t be perfect, she wants her significant other to be the best version of themselves. Now that she knows what she wants, it hasn’t made dating any easier for her! Since this bachelorette has so much going on, whoever is looking to date her needs to have that passion, and drive, that allows them to not be intimidated. If you are ready for a girl who can conquer her field, this is the bachelorette for you!