Letter From The Editors : May


Here at Life By Design Magazine we pride ourselves in the fact that we are entirely run and operated by women.

I, Casey Nicole Fox, am the founder and Editor-In-Chief. I handle a good amount of making sure we are running smoothly and get the magazine out on time for our events.

Jennifer Meim is the Creative Director for the magazine. She does all of the design work and is in charge of the creative side of the magazine.

Lynda West is the Chief Copy Editor. She does all of the copy editing for the magazine. She has a team of editors (who are also women) and she makes sure that the content that goes into the magazine is up to our standard.

Women in our society are not always seen as leaders or as the first ones you go to to hold a conference or as a speaker or a coach. But things are changing fast. Women are making their presence known and showing the world their infinite strengths within our communities.

This is the reason we wanted to dedicate this whole edition to women. From our search to find San Diego’s Most Influential Woman to reaching out to our writers to come up with women focused pieces, we want to create a space for women to flourish in the San Diego entrepreneurship community.

May this edition both inspire women and men around the world.