Lessons From 82-Year-Old Man, George


It’s actually scary to think of the many life lessons that we miss because we are too busy. I was very focused and working hard in my office today when an elderly gentleman knocked on my door. He was there taking a census for the US Government. I’ll have to confess that I told him that I didn’t “have 10 minutes” to do the census; however, because of his master skill, he persuaded me to do the census, and I finally tapped in and realized what an opportunity I had to pick his brain.

George is 82 years old, yet he gets up every morning and works eight hours a day. Not because he needs to work - he is actually a millionaire who had a very successful career in sales. He works because he said that life is to short to sit around, be depressed, get old, and die. George taught me a few lessons today, and I’d like to share those lessons with you.

1. Get up every day with a Positive Attitude and Go for Broke

Those words alone have a way of making you want to risk it all and live life to the fullest. George told me that he and his wife had fallen on hard times in their early years of marriage. He said, “Matt, I had two choices, either drown in self-pity or wake up with a super positive attitude and go for broke!” He continued, “Son, it was my attitude and work ethic that brought me to where I am today!”

2. Find your Passion and Follow It

George, married for 59 years, father of 5 kids, grandfather to 17 grandkids and 13 great-grandkids, works every day at the age of 82, not because he needs the money, but because he loves to stay active and meet people. Wow! As a young 34-year-old Entrepreneur, I was impressed by this man’s passion for life. He told me that he has always worked extremely hard, but it has never felt like work because he LOVES what he does.

3. Love your Family

After George shared his secret to success in business, sales, and life, he said, “Son, my last piece of advice is for you to love your family!” I thought, “Well that is rather cliché.” However, he took it to another level when he stated that success in business at the expense of failure in the family is a waste of life. George passionately challenged me to never put more passion in my business than I do in my family. I then asked him, “George, what is the secret to a successful marriage?” I figured that after 59 years, he might have something to say. He said, “Son if you want to stay married for a really long time, my best advice is to never be afraid to admit you were wrong and have great sex!” I’ll have to admit that I appreciated the raw advice and thought it was awesome!

So next time you get a knock on your door - or perhaps sit next to an elderly person on a bench, take advantage of the opportunity and see what you can learn. God bless you!



Matt Maddix, master sales trainer, consultant and CEO of Matt Publishing, is a successful international speaker and master motivator. He has hosted over 120 live events with as many as 32,225 registrants. 

During past events, Maddix has shared the stage with some of the greats in the world such as: Kevin Harrington, Gary Vaynerchuck, Darren Hardy, Greg Reid, and Glenn Twiddle. 

In conjunction with traveling as a motivational speaker, Matt is the founder Maddix Publishing, My Health Coach, TextNinjaPro and Maddix Missions. He is also the author of bestselling books How You Can Have It All and Just Juice It. 

In addition, Maddix is co-host of two internet talk shows—Morning With Maddix and Fuel for Success. 

Matt is best known for his life strategies along with his sales and marketing success, but he is most proud as the father of 15-year-old celebrity superstar speaker, Caleb Maddix.

His son was recently voted in the Top 20 Most Motivational People in the world. Caleb has been featured in Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, Inc and interviewed on Good Morning Australia with over 8 million viewers. Caleb wrote his first book by age 12, Keys to Success for Kids and has already earned Six figures by age 14. 

Matt lives in Los Angeles and St. Petersburg, Florida.