Lessons from a Marine: Crush Your Fears!

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When I got out of the marine corps, I had a lot of fear. Fear of leaving the certainty and structure I had used to for the past four years. The fear of making the “right” decision. My thought process was that I needed someone to tell me what to do to throughout the day. For the next couple of months, I had this feeling of fear that was hard to shake.

However, through all of this, I have learned three simple ways to: crush your fears, control your own life, and NOT let your worries take the wheel.

1: Set Definite Goals

It may seem obvious, but I promise you that if you go through life without an end to your destination, then fear will find a way to drive you off course. Don’t let the fear of just being uncertain in what you want to get out of life take hold. Set a goal for yourself even if it is something small at first. Once complete your confidence will soar!

2: Get a Support System

Once you have your goals, find others with similar goals! Surround yourself with strong-minded individuals who also are not letting fear get in their way! That way, when life sets up a roadblock, you can lean on your support system and steamroll your way through it!

3: Go for Something BIG!

What scares you? Speaking? Writing? Heights? What do you think you cannot accomplish? That should be something to attempt to do! Jim Rohn has a quote that states, “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Do not look at what you think fills you with fear as something impossible. Look at it as a way to grow and change, and you’ll be surprised at yourself with what you can accomplish.

Getting over your fears is a fantastic accomplishment! It means you have grown emotionally, physically, even spiritually. A year has passed since my last day in the Marine Corps, and I have more confidence in myself now than I ever have. I know you will too when you use these three tips to help you reach your fearlessness!

James Nelson

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