Lessons from an Immigrant


I have had the privilege of knowing and being influenced by an amazing woman. At the age of 20, she left her family, friends, and home of Honduras to seek out a better life for herself. She was able to make friends in college. And she was able to become a citizen and stay for good. I could only imagine how scared, but also how excited she must have been to set out on such a journey. It was new, it was different, and it was exciting. Although she might not consider herself one, she is the definition of an entrepreneur. She took on great personal and financial risk for her dream. And she achieved it.

This amazing woman, I can proudly call her my mother. And as I too am starting my own journey, I can use her as a teacher. Here are three that I wish to share with you all. My 3 Lessons from an Immigrant:

1.    Go for it!

Yes, it might be scary! Yes, you may at times feel unsure or doubt if it's even possible. But you just have to go for it! You will not know the outcome unless you try! I have had a truly blessed life because my mother decided to go for it! Her actions not only have impacted herself. But those around her and the generations that have come after her. That is TRUE impact! TRUE legacy!

2.    It takes being Uncomfortable

Have you ever tried learning another language? Then have you ever tried practicing that language with a native speaker! It can be very uncomfortable! I remember my mom telling me that she was afraid at times to ask people when the bus came using English! But now she can speak perfectly and is even giving back to the younger generation by teaching them Spanish so they can open up their eyes to new worlds! My mother would never have been able to do that if she did not get outside of her comfort zone. When I was learning and struggling with speaking Spanish to real native speakers, I could always pull back on my mother’s example and say “if she did it, I could do it.” And I have been improving every single day by getting uncomfortable and putting myself out there!

3.    Family is Everything

My mother has not forgotten where she came from! She always makes time to call and talk with family and visit when she can. She has shown me that family is forever and no matter where you are in the world, you have the responsibility to take care and help your family in any way possible. She is the glue in our family that keeps us together. She has been a bridge of connection for me to my other family members, and I am truly thankful and grateful for everything she has done and continued to do for our family.

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After serving 4 years in the Marine Corps, James Adalberto Nelson had no vision and no direction in life. Struggling to find purpose and meaning in his life he came to realize that first, the needed the break the chains that were holding him back in life. As the chain breaker speaker, he now speaks and helps break the chains of others that hold them back and allows them the live the life they were meant to live.