Letter From The Editors December 2017

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I was going to change the world. If you had asked me then, I couldn’t tell you how I was going to do that, but I knew in the core of my being that I was called to greatness.

I got a little lost along the way, as I think most of us do, and I lost my passion to make a difference.

As my life progressed, I began to surround myself with people who were a lot more like the person I wanted to become. I got mentors and I joined a mastermind. I read books and I went to conferences. After a lot of work on my mindset I got back on track with my vision and my purpose in life.

At Stegela Success Mastery, our goal with this magazine, Life By Design, is that the content in our magazine and on our website will help you to have the life you have always wanted. We are an entrepreneur lifestyle magazine and everything we talk about is centered around helping you achieve
success in all areas of your life.


- Casey Nicole Fox

Co-Founder of Life By Design Magazine 

Stephen Dela CruzComment