Letters From The Editors : October


October is my favorite month of the year. Maybe it’s because the first day of the month is my birthday, or maybe it’s my favorite because my favorite holiday is Halloween. Whether it’s the colors of fall, sweater weather, the likelihood of rain, brisk air, pumpkin flavored coffees (and literally everything else), decorations, or hundreds of horror-based activities to be done. October is my favorite month for many reasons, as you can see. The month of October has an overarching theme of FEAR.

My biggest fear was always not being enough. Things never scared me, but people did. One of my biggest struggles when I started my first business was getting over the fear that I was going to let people down; my parents, my mentors, and my clients. That fear of making a mistake made me overthink every move I made, and it cost me in more ways than one. There is a healthy (and delicate) balance in business of respecting your client and respecting yourself. I was able to overcome this fear by realizing that mistakes make us stronger, both stronger in our businesses and as individuals. It took me time, money, pain, and disappointment to learn this lesson - oh, and it took a mentor.

My hope with this edition is that it helps you to see and face your fears. I hope that the words of these entrepreneurs give you the guidance you need to overcome your struggles. I hope that you may take a shortcut to success by learning from our mistakes. I hope that you enjoy all of the festivities and flavors that this season has to offer. I hope that you cherish the time you get to spend with those you love as the weather cools off as the time for giving and thankfulness comes into full swing. I hope that your October is fulfilled, successful, and flourishing.

CEO & Founder, Casey Nicole Fox

Casey Nicole Fox


Casey Nicole Fox is a partner in all of Stegela’s corporations and she is the “Bulldog,” the one to answer to if you mess up, our “Vice Principle.” Casey is a successful young entrepreneur.

In addition to being a partner at Stegela, she owns multiple businesses, is starting a nonprofit, and is starting her career in the Real Estate industry. All of her businesses are for-purpose and she really emphasizes the need to give back as an entrepreneur.

Casey is a prolific writer and an avid podcaster. She started her entrepreneurial journey only 4 years ago, having to radically change her mindset from employee (having 4 jobs) to entrepreneur (owning 4 companies).