Level Up Before The New Year

Leveling up is not only important in Pokemon GO (ADD ME! Friend code- 4352 8045 5468), but it is also important to level up in life! Just the thought of trying to "level up" scares some people because this means you will have to change. It's not uncommon to fear this, but it IS uncommon to resist it entirely.

I assume that if you are reading this, you are in the lifestyle of leveling up so I will spare you the philosophy on leveling up, but if you are interested in how you can level up as a person while helping others around you do the same, read my book! Journey Back To You by Najja A. Gandy!!! Shameless plug.

Now how can you level up your business? I touched on this in last months article. Remember the entire idea of being an "entrepreneur!" Anytime someone comes to an entrepreneur with a problem they need to be solved, the entrepreneur finds a way to fix it for them. Need headshots? I have a guy! Need to market your business? I know a lady! Need a fun and loving companion for a day at the park? I have a dog! The whole trick is becoming a ONE STOP SHOP!

It is your DUTY as an entrepreneur to network and meet new and interesting people that have skills you may not necessarily have. Connect people to the right place, and they will come to you for EVERYTHING they need help with. It's really that simple.

Get creative and always make yourself available to the public. Find fun ways to interact with your online audience so that you can develop a more genuine connection with them. Do this now, and your business will soar. The idea is to get people to come to you. It may not necessarily be about your business all of the time, but the traffic is coming to YOU! Build partnerships with other business people and watch how much you all thrive!

Keep up all of your hard work and don't ever give up! Be good to you and the people around you!

Najja Gandy


Author: Najja Gandy

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