Level Up By Giving Up!


So often we think of leveling up as adding that new car, your dream house, a promotion. However, is that leveling up? Or is it merely adding weight on your shoulders? Leveling up comes in many shapes and sizes, but the shape that most people forget is leveling up by giving up!

Giving up isn’t something that we think of often when it comes to success, but I’m not telling you to give up on your dreams. Instead of giving up altogether, give up on those bad habits that are keeping you from success. Think of it as addition by subtraction!

Think of success like a hike, if each habit in your life is a small one pound weight it seems insignificant almost like one more pound won’t hinder you from climbing to the top of the mountain. So you are packing up, and you add one pound for watching T.V. spending time on facebook, sleeping in, procrastinating, lying to yourself, not having intention, not keeping promises. Soon your pack is thirty pounds heavier, and you take off. The beginning of the hike you are ready, passionate and dedicated to reaching the top but as you continue to hike, your shoulders start hurting from the weight of the pack. You continue because the view from the top of this mountain is worth the discomfort. Another mile down, and new obstacles start to present themselves, the ground isn’t even anymore, there are gaps between the rocks, and you have to make small leaps to get further down the path. At this point, the pack on your back starts to feel like it’s filled with rocks dragging you down with each step you take. However, your determination does not falter.

In success, each new level brings new challenges, new risks, and each one is harder than the last. On this hike, you reach a clearing, and it seems as though you have reached the home stretch, but there is one problem, there is a giant cliff between you and this clearing, your knees are weak from carrying the extra weight, your feet are throbbing from each step you have taken, your shoulders are almost numb they are in so much pain. But you are determined to make it to the clearing and see the view at the top; you are determined to reach success.

This is when you realize, the extra weight on your back never needed to be there, if you started with a pack that wasn't filled, with wasted time, self-doubt, and procrastination, you would have made it to this point so much quicker and this final jump to the clearing wouldn't seem like such a task.

However, now is the time! You can shed the pack off your shoulders, throw away all the extra weight and instead fill your pack with the tools that will help you reach the top faster, and prepare you for your truest form of success.

Now you don’t have to quit watching T.V. all together but learning to replace habits that are adding weight to your pack, with ones that are tools for success.

Instead of watching an hour of an AFV watch an hour of T.V that applies to your dream. If you want to be a baker, watch cupcake wars, chopped, cooking shows that will boost your creativity in your own business.

Instead of listening to music about spending money at the club, listen to an audiobook or podcast. Use these “time fillers” in a productive way that will build your business.

Here are the top five habits I see that entrepreneurs need to quit before reaching success!

1) Quit caring what other people think

2) Quit friends

3) Quit trying to be perfect

4) Quit having a pity party and take 100% responsibility

5) Quit excuses and find solutions

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Stephen Dela Cruz is a best selling author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs double their income in their first year. He’s built several 7 figure businesses and in his online school, The Mastermind Experience, he shares strategies around time and money management to help beginning entrepreneurs soar. You can see more about Stephen on his website and follow him on his Facebook page.