How to Level Up Your Brand Awareness


It’s your favorite Auntie Mary again!

One big accomplishment I have reached is being known to everyone as “Auntie Mary.” Ladies and gentlemen, that is called brand awareness, and if people don’t remember you, then you need to level up your brand.

As entrepreneurs build their brand, they tend to take new pictures, build a fancy website with new colors, etc. While this can be effective, I have three simple tips to get you started now to leveling up your brand.

Level up your introduction

If you have ever talked to me, then you know I always introduce myself as “Auntie Mary.” I don’t care if it's the first time we have met in person or on the phone. 10 times out of 10, the person on the other side of the conversation will laugh and ask, “Why are you, Auntie Mary?”

By introducing yourself in a unique and charismatic way, you are guaranteed to break the ice quick and be the most memorable. I guarantee you that when you are at our monthly magazine launch mixers that you will always hear someone calling “Auntie Mary” in the crowd. So remember, level up your introduction and become more memorable.

Level up your networking

If you want to grow your brand and get more eyes on you, you must level up your networking. Ask yourself, “How many people am I meeting to share my story and build a relationship with? How many people have I built up such a great rapport with that they know my mission and passion? How many people support my mission?”

These are questions that must be tracked daily and if you aren’t meeting people daily, then don’t expect to grow your brand awareness. A current goal that I have is always to meet 10 people before 10am. This doesn't have to be done in person. That’s why there is the lovely social media. So be social. Use it to your advantage and level up your networking!

Level up your reach

While this may sound the same as networking, it is totally a different level of brand awareness. Currently, many of you know I am in the process of publishing a book, “Letters to Me: Life Lessons I Wish I Knew.” This book is an avenue to share who I am and the movement we are creating to impact the youth positively. This book will be handed to students in multiple high schools and youth organizations. Imagine how many people are going to receive this one book in mass quantities as I am networking with the right people who also align with the mission of “Letters to Me.” Level up on your reach and watch your brand awareness level up.

At the end of the day my friends, if you want anything in life worth having, you must level up your standards and expectations of yourself. It may sound harsh, but I’m the Auntie Mary that you can always count on to give you the truth.


Mary Hang is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Although she wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, her biggest and most rewarding passion is impacting the youth through Young Entrepreneur Society.