LFTE July 2019

LFTE July 2019


It's pretty easy to understand why our team picked 'FREEDOM' as the theme for July (July 4th and all). I think that it's easy for us, as human beings, to forget the cost that freedom requires. Freedom is not free. 

Freedom from addiction. Freedom from abuse. Freedom from negativity. Freedom from slavery. Freedom from poverty. Freedom from limiting beliefs. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of any kind has a cost, and too often, we take our freedoms for granted. 

This month, we honor our beautiful country, our troops, and those who fight for us to live in this country. Where we can all voice our opinions of political figures openly on social media, where we can walk the streets wearing almost nothing, where we can choose what God or Gods we want to worship, in honor of the lives sacrificed for our freedoms and our lives, we thank you. 

Though freedom means something different to everyone, and though there are varying levels to our gratitude of said perception of freedom, I believe that if we just look at the lack of freedom in other places, we can be thankful for our own. I hope that this edition shines a light on your belief systems of what freedom means to you and how to achieve more freedom in your life and give more freedom to others.

Casey Nicole Fox


Casey Nicole Fox is an author, speaker, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur. Casey is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Life By Design Entrepreneur Lifestyle Magazine, San Diego’s ONLY print entrepreneurship magazine. She has four for-purpose businesses while also being the COO of the 8 figure empire of Stegela Partners International Incorporated, the umbrella company of Stegela Success Mastery.