Life By Vision


What do you want your 2019 to look like? Do you want to have a fantastic relationship? Do you want financial success? Do you want to travel more? Do you want to super fit lifestyle? Or do you want to finally find your true purpose in life?

The good news is, only YOU can create the answers to what 2019 brings! But first, it all comes down to a vision. Without any vision, how would you know where you’re doing?

Right after I graduated high school, I always had visions of a “successful” lifestyle like mansions, Ferraris, having all the things that millionaires had. The nicest things in the world! However, as I got older, my visions started to change. Instead of visioning materialistic things, my visions shifted to how much I can grow myself and finding ways to be a contribution to the world.

Vision is how you can make differences in people’s lives. The best thing I can recommend for anyone reading this is set up your whole year in 4 quarters. This makes it so much easier for you to break down a whole entire year into 4 different years. Envision how you want your whole year to be. Then, write down whatever goals you want to accomplish within a full year.

Here’s the biggest tip! Now for every 4 sets of 3 months, envision how you want those 3 months to go. Remember, each set of 3 months have to tie into your vision of 2019. Most people unfortunately give up their New Year’s resolutions within a month into starting the New Year. The 12 Week Year concept allows you a reasonable period of time to make your transformation and accomplish what you need to desire. 12 Weeks can instantly bring you the results you always wanted in your life and 90 days will turn your passion and goal chasing into a lifestyle. But it all begins with a vision.

Dig down deep within yourself and envision what you really want without any limitations. Then, go out there and make your visions come true!

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Jonny is making it a mission to influence many around the world that are going through suffering by teaching on topics such as Meditation, Abundance, Mindfuless, and keeping a peace of mind. While discovering meditation back in 2013, life changed for Jonny forever. He has worked in countless marketing/sales positions that helped positioned him into Leadership and Entrepreneurship. With a background in the nightlife and finance industry, Jonny’s main goals is to connect deeply to those who need healing in their life and guidance to be a happier person.