Life's Big Events through the Perspective of Freedom

Life's Big Events through the Perspective of Freedom


The only constant in life is change, and when significant changes happen, a perspective shift can be critical to becoming the next best version of yourself.

As a Mentor, Coach, and Sales Mastermind, I often work with people who are in the middle of significant life changes while still trying to fire on all cylinders in life.  For some of these people, it's the jump-off point from a 9 to 5 job to the unknown of their passion project, entrepreneurial enterprise, or full career change. Other times, my colleagues are working through major personal readjustments in their relationships and love life while trying to maintain their excellence in their professional careers.  And lastly, the simple passage of time can cause even the best of us confront aging, illness, and the loss of friends, family, and loved ones.

One strategy I have seen to be useful for many of these people is the framing of these changes through a perspective of freedom. 

For my friends who find themselves at a career or entrepreneurial fork in the road, I encourage you to sit down and formally write freedoms of your new career or job vs. the old job.  Focusing on freedoms like being aligned to your life's purpose, values, and passions are critical to highlight. Often another significant freedom to focus on during professional changes are the freedoms of setting your schedules, the freedom of working from home or remote, and the freedom to choose the people you work with as a great source of inspiration.

For my clients who find themselves in the middle of personal relationship changes and working to keep their heart from interrupting their head, I advise framing the change by looking at the new freedoms as well.  The freedom to have your time and energy to focus on the best parts of yourself is always a great way to fight off negativity and self-limiting thoughts and actions. Using the freedom of perspective to evaluate what aspects of yourself you loved and made you better and what parts of yourself you feel should be better in the future also helps.  Also, just the freedom to approach your personal and professional networks in a new way can be the energy to re-engage your best self.

For my many friends facing the challenges that father time brings to everyone's life, I encourage you to utilize the many freedoms afforded to us to make sure that you focus on the parts of life that matter and grant them our quality time.  Every one of us has limited time and could make better use of delegation and being more selective in our actions and activities to spend more time with friends and loved ones at the end of the day. We also have the freedom to share the challenges and joys of our lives with friends, family, mentors, and coaches to help double our joy and spread our pain. 

When it is all said and done, every day, we all have the freedom to pursue all of lifes' joys. The freedom to frame every challenge and opportunity is the most important freedom we all have.


Dustin Gannon

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Dustin Gannon has worked with America's largest companies to help solve the challenges of digital transformation and risk.  As an avid believer in the Pareto principle, his mission is to help every person he meets get the most benefit of their life's work with the least effort possible so we can all live in abundance surrounded by quality people we love.