Stop. Look. Listen to what your heart is telling you.


Stuck In The Routine

Each day we all have a million thoughts that race through our heads.  Get ready for work, drop off the kids, pay that bill - rushing to that meeting. But what about those other thoughts?  You know, the ones that we don’t actually act on. The thoughts, and feelings rather, that come from the heart. So often, we get lost in the everyday routines that we tend to forget the importance of taking time to care about others and being there when it truly matters.

My Story

I am guilty of unintentionally disregarding the needs of others.  Having been so engulfed in the hustle and bustle of my career as a TV News Reporter, I would often find myself inattentive. All I could think about when I got off work is my glass of wine and sweatpants.  Yeah sure, I would pick up the phone and talk, but my mind wasn’t giving the person on the other end the full attention. My mind would be more focused on how the workday went. Did I pronounce everything correctly?  Was my reporting up to par? What story idea will I pitch for tomorrow? I have missed out on moments and subtle signs from friends, family, and even passersby that may have needed me. I was once stuck in the ego mindset of “me, me, me,” but recently I’ve been able to change that.  During this current professional transition, I have had some downtime. And that downtime has enabled me to reconnect full heartedly with those that are close to me. I have been able to quiet the ego, get out of my routine, and become a blessing to others.

The end result – the way you feel!

You know the result of putting others first? It feels good! And let me tell you, it comes back to you in a beautiful way.  For example, just the other day I saw a homeless woman holding a sign, “So broke it hurts.” Instead of continuing on my way and simply driving by, my heart told me to stop.  I actually gave this woman my last few dollars (which I needed to put gas in my car) and then drove away smiling because of the gratitude I saw on her face. Best of all, I too received a blessing. Just a few hours later a notification lights up on my phone. A good friend sent me a Venmo payment saying, “Just because.” Caring about others is caring for yourself. So, I tell you this - get out of your routine.  Stop. Look. Listen to what your heart is telling you.


Brittany Ford is a TV News Reporter currently freelancing in the San Diego area.
Brittany has more than 3 years of experience in the broadcast media industry. Her passion is connecting with people, digging deep, and telling stories that may be overlooked within a community.