Live a Better Life


With the arrival of the new year, resolutions are in the hearts and minds of many, as we all strive for better lives. We set a handful of goals, and many will see those goals as another ambitious start to the year, that fade into another year gone by without coming into fruition. What if you could change your life starting now?

Take a moment with me. Think about this: What makes something remarkable? Whether it’s a company, a brand, or a human, there is one thing that sets the standouts apart from the rest. This thing is the scope of their vision. Consider the people and brands that are the most memorable. It is probably relatively easy for you to put into words the concepts that are part of their visions.

When you develop your vision, you can take your own life to a better place. Vision is the heartbeat of your being. I truly believe that people who have average or below average lives have weak visions. We all know people who have no life vision at all. These people tend to have a relatively negative outlook. While some will think that the negative outlook is the reason they have no vision, I believe the opposite. I believe the lack of life vision is the reason they feel so negatively.

A strong vision will move a person through resistance. We will all face resistance in our lives, no exceptions. Those who constantly need motivation are driven by a feeling, which, by definition is temporary. However, those who have vision rarely need motivation because they are driven by something with permanence.

How does one develop a strong vision? Vision comes more naturally to some than others. However, the keys to a strong vision are authenticity, passion, and impact.

Authenticity in your vision means that your vision aligns with who you are as a person. The individuality in humanity is a huge part of what makes life interesting. What is important to you may not be important to everyone, and that’s okay.

If vision is the heartbeat to your being, passion is the blood. Passion is the flow through your body that delivers life force to your being. The blood does not flow without being driven by the heartbeat, and the heartbeat is not useful without the presence of the blood. Passion is caught and is the force that will allow others to be drawn to your vision, which will feed the third aspect.

The final, key piece of a strong vision is impact. Your vision can only be as great as the number of people it can reach and, furthermore, help. Think about a fad. A fad reaches a multitude of people. However, it does not last. Now think about something that reaches many people and helps them in some way. That’s something of impact. That is a thing that will last, and a thing that will be remembered.    

When you think about your goals for this year, consider what they say about your personal vision. How can your vision be more authentic, reflect more passion, or have a greater impact? When you can answer these questions, you can grow your vision, reinvigorate your life, and, likely, stumble onto greater success and live a better life.

Ruby Deinla


Ruby is a fulfillment coach working with clients, especially entrepreneurs, to get the most out of their lives. She launched her rst business in college and has been passionate about business own- ership ever since.

Today, Ruby is a member of Stegela Success Mastery and is connected to a large network of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Her major passions include long term work/life balance, health, and tness. She’s currently working on a women’s empowerment project. So be on the lookout for this rising star!