3 Keys To Living Your Entrepreneurial Life Faith Filled!


First I must give thanks to my Heavenly Father God for giving me the strength with a strong heart and fearlessness in my soul during my entrepreneurial journey.


Anyone who has ever worked in a professional setting or their own business before knows that sometimes people do business dishonestly or unethically. Often times, a person in a lower position of power is pulled into a compromising situation by a boss and may go along with it.

Christian people are going to feel uncomfortable about compromising their values, whether it is to lie for their boss or to fill out a form falsely. They will need to make some tough decisions about how to proceed in these types of situations. You don’t have to have all the answers or always know the right thing to say, you can climb the highest mountain if you want or quietly imagine that you might someday.


Although society as a whole has become more tolerant of others and their beliefs, religious freedom is one area that seems to be suffering, at least that is the perception and feeling of many Americans. Development means progress, growth and forward momentum. Without a bit of “construction” or “renovation”, we could never get to where we want to go. Whether it’s a thrilling place of satisfaction and fulfillment or to a place of happiness.

Men and women in any profession may face some religious intolerance or the perception of it. They may even be accused that their religious beliefs infringe upon someone else’s beliefs. Some people are finding it best to keep quiet about the more controversial beliefs within the Christian faith and stick with speaking about only the positive.


I have had a struggle or two, but all that did was make me stronger and encouraged me to step out of the pain and create my destiny.

”When the storms of life try to overcome you with waves of fury, you have to grip the rails tightly and never give up.” Instead, you must only rise above the waves crashing all around you and step onto the dock of FREEDOM.”

Living through the rough water and stormy seas of that infamous thing that is called entrepreneurship can be navigated with stern pertinacity. Tsunami Of Success as an entrepreneur can definitely test our faith and even deplete us, almost to the point of telling us in our mind to just give up.

Believe in yourself and know that you have the power. You are ultimately the one in charge of your life and the only person in the world who can change it. No matter how much others are pulling for you or how much anyone else cares, you must have faith and do what needs to be done to make your present and your future everything you want and need it to be.


San Diego Native Entrepreneur & Global Expansion Leader with Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles, XHL is an emerging company, where she is on a mission to change and save 1 Billion lives, and helping people to reclaim their health & wellness across the USA concerning the Twin Epidemics of Diabetes and Obesity! Sheri enjoys entrepreneurship! As a young child at 7, she became a sales girl selling kool-aid! Now, she enjoys expanding the young stallion company in a healthy revival. She is giving people some hope and change, with the World’s only Certified Low Glycemic Functional Product Line.

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