Look And Feel Supermodel Confident: Body Cues For The Everyday Entrepreneur


Think of a man you see every day, for instance at Starbucks. He is dressed in a fitted, tailored suit. Shoes are slick, shined and a deep brown leather. His white shirt is pressed and his tie fits snug around his neck. His hair pristine, his face groomed. His belongings are kept stain and tattered free. When he enters the room he stands tall, head high and faces forward. He welcomes a woman with a warm smile and handshake. 

This man may very well have an expensive tailored suit; however, this is only part of the whole package of someone who exudes confidence and success. You can have a few simple, nice closet pieces and look fantastic. Perception is the key. The way others perceive you today will leave a lasting impact with them in the future. 

This is where body language comes into play. The expensive suit isn’t what captures our attention. Instead, it is his body language that shows he is unmoved by his surroundings; alert and confident with those he interacts with.

Let’s rewind and picture a second man walking into Starbucks. He is dressed similarly to the first. When the second man enters the coffee house his shoulders are slightly forward which curves his spine. He identifies himself as another business suit kicking off his hustle at the coffee house before heading out to meet his clients. He greets the barista but, unfortunately, his eye contact is with the menu instead of the woman in front of him.

The latter isn’t terrible, but is mediocre at best. Like the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it,” if you stand poised and confident when you feel insecure others will perceive you as poised and confident. 

In Joe Navarro and Marvin Karlins’ book, “What Every BODY Is Saying,” they demonstrate that all upward body movements and expressions exude positivity and confidence while downwards movements do the opposite. This confirms the necessity that standing up straight, using eye contact, engaging a handshake, smiling, and other upward positive body expressions reaffirm the way our initial Starbucks customer presented himself.

Luckily, Starbucks doesn’t provide a secret menu that allows their customers to read hearts and minds. Otherwise, the audience would know that deep down beneath his vertical spine and head held high, our initial subject lacks a perfect confidence that his observers are led to believe he has.

So what does this have to do with business? Confidence draws authority, credibility, and trust. People buy from whom they trust. And people trust what is likable to them. If people like you, you’ve already sold 80 percent of the product, yourself. Picture both men, the former and the latter. Think of someone in your life that resembles each of them. Now think about doing business with one of these men. Which one would you choose? Now, which one do you want to be?

Carmel McAndrews


American High fashion runway and print model, upcoming author, the college graduate with a Bachelor degree in Communication, female entrepreneur, and high fashion runway coach. Carmel McAndrews is a coach for all things modeling and teaching self-confidence. She mentors young women just starting in the modeling industry. Her mission is to provide clear steps and guidance for how to become a working and successful paid model while avoiding the illegitimacy that is so prevalent in the industry. Her coaching provides clear guidance on how to prepare, maintain and acquire agency representation.