Manifestation – It Truly Works


There isn't any secret to acquiring what you want. Everyone knows that having a dream, setting goals, and taking action is really all it takes to get what you want in life.

Is that truly all there is to manifesting what you want though? Is dreaming and working hard really all you need to do to create that great life story worthy of leaving behind as your legacy?

I believed that dreams, desires, planning, and hard work was all it took to acquire what I wanted in life. But let's take a look at the life most of us have led. Have you not desired things that you have worked hard at to still not get what you wanted? I know I have and each time I was left disappointed that all my hard work didn't provide me with what I desired.

Not long ago I realized I was lacking manifestation in my life because my efforts were based on me controlling the outcome through my physical actions. I realized this because I recently experienced true manifestation.

You see, there was a black tie, red carpet awards ceremony in LA that I wanted to attend with my friends. We were headed to LA for a conference and my friends were attending the awards ceremony the day after the conference ended. I really wanted to get all dolled up and attend this event with them, but I had no way to obtain a ticket.

Someone said to me, "Janine, you never know who you will meet at this conference. If you truly want to go to the awards ceremony, make it happen." My response was, "What am I supposed to do, buy a formal dress for an event I'm not even going to?" She said, "It's not like you're going to wear it if you don't go, you can return the dress."

That statement sent me into motion. She was right. I could return the dress. I showed up at the conference ready and expecting that I would meet the person that would get me to that awards ceremony. I had the attire and the desire. But most importantly, I had the belief.

Belief - that is the missing ingredient as to why I was lacking manifestation in my life. Did I believe in my dreams before? Absolutely. Did I believe I could acquire what I wanted? Most definitely. Was there any doubt whatsoever – probably. That's why I didn't manifest what I truly wanted.

Every time you think there is more you can do to manifest your desires, every time you think you need to work harder or do something better, you're actually revealing that you don't trust your dreams to manifest – it's your lack of undoubted belief that prevents the manifestation.

I did meet that right person at that conference. I did go to that awards ceremony and I did have a wonderful, fabulous night – all because I had undoubted belief.

Now, do you need to dream? Yes. Do you need to set goals? Absolutely. Do you need to take action? Most definitely. But, most importantly, believe and believe without doubt.

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Janine Holman is a freelance writer, photographer, and travel blogger - founder of Life Beyond Awesome – a site of travel journeys for adventurers, foodies, and lovers of luxurious things.  Her stories cover both local and international travel and focus on diving into cultures and communities and the people who make them thrive.  She invests time in learning how to best travel on a dime – being money smart and maximizing travel dollars while still enjoying the luxurious side of life (spas, restaurants, quaint places to stay, etc.).  Janine covers all kinds of topics and is known for being adventurous, enjoying the outdoors, and embarking down the path less traveled.  Most of all Janine enjoys sharing her life’s adventures and showing others how they too can design a Life Beyond Awesome.