Manipulate Fear


Fear should always be looked at as excitement that drives you or a reaction that will place you in park. It’s an emotion that will either give you gas or empty you.

Take these three action steps to get you the results you want.

1. Become a Sponge.

Begin soaking up knowledge from those in your industry by attending creditable conferences and networking events. Next, soak up information from tangible resources. Instead of listening to music every day, listen to TED talks, YouTube videos, podcasts, or audiobooks. Let’s say you’re starting a business and you don’t know how to market yourself, find someone who is brilliant at marketing.

Hang around people who are consistent in taking action towards their dreams. They will show you how to keep going even when you’re tired. They will teach you how to keep a happy home while having a business. Their life will teach you more than their words.

Lisa Nichols stated, “All that fear means is that you don’t have enough information.” Become a wealth of knowledge. The more information you have, the more confidence you have. The more material you have stored up, the deeper your conversation can go. The more wisdom you have, the more assurance you walk in.

2. Move Without Hesitation

Remaining a sponge for the rest of your life sets you up to do amazing things. Next, become the person who learns from the greats and applies the information. Why? Because information is not power, movement and consistency is power. What you don’t actively participate in, you won’t master. What you don’t tap into every day becomes stagnant. Before your head hits your pillow every night, make sure you learned one new thing and took one actionable step.

3. Dance with Faith.

Fear and faith are fighting for the same space in your mind and time. One always wins over the other. We have to choose every day to let faith CRUSH fear.    

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to manipulate fear for our benefit.

Logan Rena


I was the girl always looking for love and recognition outside of myself. My desire to be seen and acknowledged was attached to my self-worth. It took me breaking away from self-sabotaging relationships, losing friends and burying my mother, to understand that self-love is the only gift that will consistently fill me up.


The woman in me learned that pain, insecurities and rejection have to be covered with the makeup of self-love. This is why my heart work is helping women understand and walk in consistent love with who they are.


This is why The Logan Design Project offers your soul a daily vacation. This is done through our affirmation clothing and coffee mugs online boutique, YouTube videos and blogs. Reminders of how great you really are sent to you weekly.


I look forward to growing in more self-love with you.