Minimal Budget? Big Yields

How Minimalism Can Set You Up For Success By Spending Less and Saving More #LessIsMore


Tax returns are coming, and even if you receive a little, or none, it’s a 2nd awakening that reminds you to commit to change. Maybe last year’s resolution was wishy washy, and that’s ok. Nothing like the cold reality of a tax return (or bill) to help ground your paradigm on budgeting for the present year.

Remember that with minimalism you are not necessarily adhering to a strict budget that cuts out all fun. Again, the purpose is to do away with the excess so you can have more funds to enjoy the things that truly matter to you. This can be saving up for an unforgettable experience like a cruise ship vacation (using all the money you would have spent on overpriced coffee every day). See how this leverages a simple replaceable everyday pleasure with something much greater in return? Try these ideas for the rest of the year and see how much you could save, too.

If you are in the market for a new HOME, consider a container home, or tiny house. Both these styles offer a mobile dwelling solution for the agile entrepreneur. They can be custom made from templates to suit your taste and, despite their size, they make excellent use of interior spaces to maximize storage. Also, entry level prices are very affordable compared to traditional homes.

My favorite frontier, FOOD and DIET, is an exemplary platform to showcase the power of minimalism to reduce waste and increase value. Brown rice, pinto beans, lentils, peas and corn are just some of my favorite kitchen staples that should be present with every dish. It serves as a lesson that so many ancient cultures relied on these types of nutrients for their abundance and heartiness. As a bonus, many of these foods can be purchased in bulk and in reusable containers from certain grocery outlets, so the environment wins here, too.

Ever thought about your daily SPENDING HABITS and how often you buy or pay for something? Sadly, there is a great amount of temptation out there in the way of subscription memberships, compulsive purchases, coffee runs and unplanned meals or snacks. This is where you can save the most money overall on your new budget by planning out purchases ahead of time. When making non-essential purchases, you must be honest with yourself and ask if you really need the item, or just want it.

Remember that how strictly you adhere to these money saving minimalist ideas is up to you and your level of comfort, as well as how you go about making these changes in your life. For the next edition we will share some pictures of how you saved creatively, or spent wisely on your #LessIsMore journey. Remember to also use the #LBDMagazine tag so we can feature your image along with an excerpt of your story in our next edition.


Juan David Ortiz-Romero


Self driven and always up for a challenge, Juan David is a USMC veteran with the drive to be productive and engaged in the projects he works on. Juan has been involved with several nonprofits assisting them with event planning, logistics, and social media marketing. 

He is currently the CMO at LendIt a sharing economy platform, and also the lead event planner for the San Diego Mac N' Cheese festival and the San Diego Veterans Chamber of Commerce.