Movie Review - Walt Before Mickey


I enjoyed watching this biography especially because it was in movie format instead of it being the typical, boring documentary. One of the best examples of a lasting BRAND is Walt Disney! He built an empire that still exist to this day - talk about legacy. All started with Walt recognizing his natural talent, desire, and what he was passionate about - drawing and theater.

Our foundation and upbringing truly affects how we see the world. Walt acknowledges and gives his father credit for the values and principles that had helped him to be the person he is. I love this quote from his dad, “There’s no substitution for hard work.” Sometimes we get caught up on finding the “smart” or “right” way of doing things that we forget that “hard work” may just be the answer.

The power of relationship played a big role in Walt’s success, from building a team and getting funds for his projects. I admire that he puts himself last to make sure others are well. His experiences reminds us that with the failures and setbacks is where we realize our strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the movie you can see how all these points below existed and how it played out in Walt’s failures and successes:

  • Internal Gift

  • Team Building

  • Vision & Finance

  • Ultimate Failures

  • Trust & Loyalty

Walt gave props to all the adversities and failures because it was these what made him stronger/tougher/better. I would love to see more of these movies/documentaries that show the beginnings before the successes.

Watch this movie to see Walt in action and how we thrived in the midst of failures and success. Enjoy!


Drawing at young age

Learned from his father … Honesty & Reputation … hard work & persistence

Pursued against odds

Dreams don't’ come true without a lot of failures & a lot of hope

Power of relationship and name’

Humble beginnings … built a team with the same vision

Finish what you start

Importance of finance in business and not just the vision

Creative …. Trust with finance … got his brother to do it!

Rebuilding … gathering the team back …There’s no substitute for hard work

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