My Limiting Beliefs And My Weight Loss Journey


When I was 22 years old, I weighed in at 333.1 pounds. It was a riveting moment, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I already made the unwavering decision to lose weight, get healthy, and break the cycle of obesity in my family. The first 5 months were a breeze. Literally, I felt like I was walking on a cloud. I packed my lunches, treated red apples like they were a piece of cake, and started going on daily walks. After 1 year, I lost almost 75 pounds.

After that first year, something drastically changed. The momentum I had built started to decelerate. My weekly losses were suddenly absent. My positive attitude and hopeful outlook slowly dissipated as my weight plateaued. The next 25 pounds took 5 years to lose. During that time, the fight wasn’t just with my body, food, workouts, and the scale. In fact, habit allowed me to master most of these things. The greatest fight that I began was the fight with myself – my mind, doubts, negativity, pessimism, and overall depression. It didn’t matter how much encouragement I received, seminars I attended, or motivational YouTube videos I watched. When the noise died down, I was left with this monotonous echo of my own defeated voice.

Because I wasn’t dealing with the core of the stagnation of my success, I looked at every physical aspect and sought solutions to change them. I tried every possible diet imaginable. I juiced for 15 days. I was left with breath that smelled like soil, tinted teeth, and constant stomach aches. I went on a raw diet for 30 days, and I completely destroyed my desire to ever put an almond in my mouth again.

At the same time, I started experimenting with different workout regimes. I only picked the ones that made me feel like I was breathing my last breath when the workout ended. The most memorable was CrossFit. Jumping on boxes, throwing balls at the wall, and rowing like my life depended on it somehow made me feel like I was making progress. This experience left me with a gaping hole in my leg that required 38 stitches and a pretty embarrassing story. Needless to say, tripping over the box instead of jumping on top of the box was all I needed to cancel my membership once I left the emergency room.

After nearly 10 years, I finally had an epiphany. I was fighting the wrong things, which is why I was always losing the fight. You see, I wasn’t fighting anything physical. I wasn’t really trying to prove my high school gym teachers wrong. I wasn’t trying to prove my middle school bullies wrong. I wasn’t trying to prove my verbally abusive grandparents wrong about me when they said, “Nobody is going to love a fat girl.” The only person that I needed to prove wrong was myself.

The only person that I was fighting with was the one I looked at in the mirror every morning. I was fighting with her limiting beliefs, insecurities, negative self-talk, and unresolved hurt. The mind is very powerful. It fuels the entire body, which meant that it didn’t matter what I did. If my headquarters was sending out the wrong signals, any course of action was doomed to fail.

When I realized that I have the ability to be my own miracle worker or my greatest enemy, I began to completely shift my focus. Instead of freaking out about my workouts, I started going on walks. While I walked, I listened to positive affirmations that I would repeat. Instead of cutting out certain foods or starving myself, I started choosing a more balanced diet that dispelled the fears I had associated with food. Miracles started to occur.

The miracle wasn’t that I became as skinny as a waif. The miracle was that I started to prove myself wrong by defeating every single detrimental thought that I embraced as truth. I was WRONG, and for the first time in my life, I celebrated my wrong-ness. My mind needed an overhaul of real truth.

This principle applies to every single area of your life, especially when it comes to the entrepreneurial journey. Social media and successful business owners can make the journey seem like it’s filled with skipping through open fields, butterflies, and money falling from the sky. The reality is that some days you will wake up filled with doubt and regrets. There are times when you have to look at a negative total in your bank account or battle through the days with no sales while bills continue to fill your mailbox.

You can address the difficulty of entrepreneurship with a variety of physical remedies. You can go to seminars, spend money on marketing, networking, and revamp your social media accounts. There is nothing wrong with these options; however, they should never serve as a replacement for your own personal responsibility to take care of your mindset and limiting beliefs.

Never lose sight of the fact that you aren’t trying to prove ANY critic wrong. The people that said you were crazy, you would never make it, and you are wasting your time, no longer deserve even a small thought. Energy that goes in this direction is wasted. If you prove your critics wrong, but you still believe that you are not good enough, you have not ultimately “won.” The only person you need to prove wrong in regards to your business is yourself. You are your main competition. Work to beat yourself and prove yourself wrong. 

Everytime you go through a slump, seek to internally reflect before you run to another consultant, investment, or goal sheet. Momentum in business can create such a natural high, but when business comes to a screeching halt it can be a devastating low. In those moments, don’t open your mind to a flood of lies. Protect your thoughts, quiet time, rituals, and words. Conquer your own doubts, fears, beliefs, and words every day of your life and you will NEVER lose.  

Amy Kochek


I like to think that life is a lot like painting a masterpiece. In order to create the best version of yourself, you must ensure that you are the only one holding the paintbrush. It took me years to discover this important principle, but once I grasped it, my life changed. I quit my job as a full time high school English teacher and decided that it was time for me to live my dreams. I received my Master's in English and Creative Writing, self published my first book, and began ghostwriting, editing and coaching. With each project, I saw the benefits that my clients received through sharing their story. Whether it was a book about real estate or their personal memoir, a passion ignited through telling their story. This is why I started Your Story Writing Services. I've found my own freedom through telling my story, and I am dedicating my life to help others tell theirs.