New Year, New You? Make a Shift!


I remember a few years back, I was in a conversation with a gentleman whom I would occasionally run into around town. Most times our interactions were brief and cordial, but this time he struck up a conversation about business and his life. It wasn’t long before the conversation turned somber, as he spoke about how business was not going as expected and how unhappy he was with his life

After several minutes of listening, nodding with understanding, he finally asked me for some advice. My natural inclination was to respond with something motivational like, “it’ll get better” or “keep at it and don’t give up.” But that didn’t feel like it would have been very helpful; surely he’s heard those “words of encouragement” many times over. As I paused further, several competing thoughts came rushing to the top of mind, but there was one thought, or word, that stood out to me the most. It was the word, “Shift”.

As I calmly and confidently whispered the word, he looked at me surprised, yet with interest and intrigue. “Go on”, he said, “Shift...” “Yes”, I exclaimed. I shared with him how there was a time in my life when I was in the same state of mind. I was unhappy, unfulfilled and desperately needed something new and fresh, a change of pace, of sorts, but that didn’t come until I made a shift.

Shifting helps to transform who you are, what you become and how you experience life. It ushers in a new way of thinking filled with limitless ideas and possibilities. When you shift you’re more likely to:

  • Realize your true potential and what you're capable of achieving

  • Reconnect with your dreams and passions

  • Have a bigger vision and plan for your life

  • Focus on what really matters and remove things that are holding you back

For some, however, making a shift can be challenging and overwhelming, so they give up, but for those who want to expand who they are, be invigorated and experience life to the fullest, making a shift becomes desirable and imperative. Here are few things to consider to successfully make a shift:

  • Be committed to the journey

  • Be willing to get out of your comfort zone

  • Be open to change and to learning new things

  • Be willing to take risks and live in the moment

  • Don't take your past into the Shift

As you embark on a new year, while reflecting on the previous, maybe you've been asking the question, “How is this year going to be different?” or “How are you going to be different?” To that I'd say, “It's up to you” and although you can’t predict the events of this new year with certainty, you can, however, strongly and energetically influence it, by making a shift.

Are you ready to SHIFT to experience a new you in this new year?


From small-town city boy to world traveler to corporate success story, Cornelius has overcome the odds of being “average.” After completing his military service, Cornelius began his civilian career as a software engineer. It wasn’t long before he excelled in the corporate arena. His rise as a successful IT professional exposed him to many facets of corporate America, different corporate cultures and the dynamics of being a team player and leader. Cornelius’ passion for empowering others to pursue their dreams, follow their passion and live life without limits is seen in every speaking engagement, training seminar and coaching session he engages in.