Nicole Assef

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Profile Headline: Unusual me

Ultimate Goal: To break down as many walls and problems as she can

Nicole started her journey in the family business where she quickly learned sales, demographics, and skills it takes to make a business successful. She decided to move into entrepreneurship after her stint working for companies where the bosses eventually asked her how to get things done. This led to the start of her life as an entrepreneur. Working from home, she coaches others on how to create and run a successful business!



Currently, this bachelorette is focusing on female entrepreneurs and showing them how to be confident in male dominated careers. Nicole’s best advice for growing entrepreneurs is to listen to the inside voice more than the outside voices. Realize you don’t have to make all the mistakes to learn, but to listen to what others have done.


In 2018 Nicole hopes to find complete respect and trust in someone she can be herself around, and someone who supports her goals, dreams, and passions! This bachelorette is looking for her significant other to be an entrepreneur. She really loves the mindset, passion, and freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur and wants her partner to experience the same!


Even though she is looking for an entrepreneur, she finds it hard to date as one. Her reason? Finding men who aren’t afraid of a strong woman is a difficult task! Her vision is to find someone who is a like-minded individual so they can grow and conquer together. So if you are looking for a confident woman who knows what she wants, this bachelorette is the one for you!