Nikolas Elliot

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Profile Header: Passionate, purposeful, positive person always dreaming, taking action and searching for the finer things!

Ultimate goal: To help others heal the wounds of their past and to help them realize they can fight back

Currently Nikolas is working with Lady Boss, where their mission is to help women lose weight and love themselves again! Not only do they transform a woman’s mindset, but they also help women gain confidence and keep themselves accountable!



Helping others isn’t his only passion right now. Nikolas is training for his first MMA fight and is starting his hard-core accountability program. If you want to do what this bachelor does, read every sales book under the sun because everyone does something differently. Learn from others by focusing on what they do right and what you can do better!


Nikolas’ goal isn’t to find the perfect girl; it’s to become the man who can attract his ideal partner. The main thing this bachelor is looking for in his partner is passion for what they do! Being an entrepreneur is a huge plus because that comes with understanding of the hours, commitments, and schedules associated with being an entrepreneur.


Being an entrepreneur may be a tough job, but that doesn’t impact this bachelor’s dating life! When you work on dreams, you have clarity on what you want, and when your why is your driving force, you have clarity on what you want! Nikolas’ goals are everything, so he wants to surround himself with someone with the same passion!


Since becoming an entrepreneur, his views on dating have totally changed. Initially he thought the relationship would be put on a pedestal. Now that he has an entrepreneur mindset, he knows he doesn’t need someone else to make him feel happy, making that relationship more of a want than a need. If you are looking for a bachelor who is ready to fight for his business and honor, this is the guy for you!