It may take a village to raise a child, but before the rearing can begin someone has to give birth. We are all glorious, magnificent and radiant sexual beings with a built-in desire to reproduce. This desire “from the sire” is the reason why we are here, to create a legacy. This desire inspires us, ignites our imagination, and motivates us to create. This desire gets our creative juices flowing and inspires us to turn our seed of desire into a one-of-a-kind creation.


Whether the seed takes form as a baby or a business, the creation process is the same. It is why we came. Our creation needs nourishment, love, support and a safe space to grow. Sometimes throughout this process we get tired, we experience a wide range of emotions, get nauseous, gain weight, experience pain and discomfort. We may feel like we got punched in the stomach or kicked in the ribs and sometimes we want to give up, we may begin to think, “Was this all worth it?” “What was I thinking?”

And then the time comes, you can feel it and you know there’s no turning back no matter how scared you are or unprepared you feel. Now is the time when your creation must be birthed. When that time comes you might wish that someone else could do this part for you but you soon realize that nobody else can give birth to your creation. This creation was given to you and the only way it will be delivered is through you. The time is now, there is no turning back and so you take a deep breath in and on your exhale push forth your new creation out into the world.

You catch your breath and while the tears of joy stream down your face you look at what you created and you hold your offspring (your legacy) in your arms close to your heart and say, “This wasn’t so bad. I would do this again in a heartbeat.” And before long you create again and again. The seeds of desire are already planted in you. It is up to you to decide if the seeds of desire will die inside you or you will give birth to your legacy.

Nadirah R. Bray HHP



Entertainer, Instructor,Trainer and Coach 

Leading Authority on the Healing Power of Belly Dance. Creator  of well received Goddess In Motion and Bodies in Motion Method. International  multi award winning performer and master instructor.  Host on Workout San Diego and The Talk of San Diego Network. Founder of the Goddess In Motion Institute  Live a life you love, create a business as unique as you are and a legacy that you are proud of.