One of the Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make


One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is failing to follow up. Some people don’t want to bother their family, friends, customers, or prospects. They call once, don’t get a response, and give up, or they post once on social media, get no likes or comments and never post again. They figure this line of work isn’t for them if they aren’t successful overnight.

A follow-up system is crucial to a successful business. The follow-up format can be as simple as using pencil and paper to keep track of your customers, or you can use an automated system that reminds you with whom to follow up and when. If you work in sales, it’s important to follow up to make sure your customers are satisfied with their order. It is imperative to continue following up to build the relationship so they remember you when it’s time to reorder.

You have probably heard that the fortune is in the follow up. Follow ups can be in the form of handwritten or electronic made cards, text messages, emails, phone calls, private messages, or post interactions on social media. Make 2-3 personal contacts for every 1 sales contact you make with customers and prospects. According to the National Sales Executive Association, “80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.” People buy from those they like, know, trust, and remember. If people don’t remember you, they won’t continue buying from you.

In network marketing, following up with prospects is just as important as with customers. People join people, not companies. Prospects will not sign with someone who isn’t genuine and consistent in their business. Some people may say no to an opportunity for numerous reasons: timing, company knowledge, quietly observing before making a commitment, or researching the best company for them. The fifth follow up could be a yes; that person could be your next rockstar, the one who plays a huge part in pushing you to your next promotion or bonus you have been working towards.

What if the next contact you make could be your next big customer or next motivated prospect? What if the customer or prospect you thought was ignoring you was just too busy that day to respond to your message? Remember, the fortune is in the follow up. Don’t stop following up with people unless they request that you do. By having an organized follow-up system, you will save time, build genuine relationships, and be remembered.

Lauren B. Aven, M.A.


My name is Lauren B Aven. I am a wife, mother of 2 girls, high school teacher, and entrepreneur.  When I was introduced to network marketing in 2014 with Younique, I found a new and exciting way to make an even greater difference in the lives of others.  My life's mission is to uplift, empower, and validate women to look and feel beautiful and lead them to live the life they love.