“Oops! I Did It Again.”


As entrepreneurs, failure is something that will be brought up a lot… especially inside your own head.

There will be days when you feel like your confidence will give Bill Gates a run for his money and there will be other days (we all know these other days) where you feel like you’re the biggest dummy in the world, you have no clue what you got yourself into, and a mannequin has more brains than you. You feel that you should just give it all up!!

I want to share with you a few examples that will help keep your mind from playing tricks on you.

1) In 1923, George Herman Ruth, Jr., notoriously known as "The Sultan of Swat," "The King of Crash," "The Colossus of Clout," "Babe Ruth," and "The Great Bambino!!" broke the record that season for STRIKING OUT more than any other player in Major League Baseball.

What a total mess of a failure!!

But what you find out is that he also broke the record for the most HOME RUNS in a season that same year.

2) Kobe Bryant holds the record for the highest missed shots in all of NBA history. He missed 14,481* shots!

What a complete failure!!

But what we find out is that he also holds the record for one of the most shots made in all of NBA history. He has a total of 11,719* shots made and 26,200* attempted!

3) Michael Jordan during his career, much like Kobe Bryant, had one of the records for the most missed shots in NBA history at the time.

He, too, looking at those stats, should have put the basketball down and quit the NBA all together!!

But we find out that he also held the record at that time for one of the most shots made in NBA history.

4) The Wright Brothers from Dayton, Ohio, had many massive failures trying to build a “powered flying machine.” In fact, they almost died several times trying to make one.

They should have given up and cut their losses!! So many years and time went into birthing these machines that didn’t even work.

But we find out later they finally made a successful powered flight in 1903 and as a result from their work we have airplanes today that fly all over the world.

You see a theme here in all of this… the biggest “failures” of all time also are the same people we know as the ones with the biggest “success” track records. These are people who, according to the books, were complete failures.

So next time you are feeling like a failure… remember… the best success stories usually are massive failure stories, too.

*Stats from https://www.basketball-reference.com/

Marc Beatty


Marc Beatty is a speaker, writer, up-and-coming author, thought leader, and is a mission to help others live their life intentionally and “On Purpose.”

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