Our Values Make Us Family

Our Values Make Us Family


As I write this, it's the anniversary of my mother's birthday. She was the organizer of my family.  I have grown up, and away from my birth family, I realize that we have many types of environments that we label family. We have, of course, our birth family. Some religious traditions believe we are born into a certain family to receive the life lessons we need. I find myself agreeing with this as my family taught me to be a leader, not a follower, and to utilize all my skills and talents fully.  These days we are finding more about how our uniqueness is in our DNA.

Many of us are involved in sports, creative groups, and other activities that put us in touch with others that share our values, and we consider this to be a family. One's spiritual beliefs bring us together with individuals on our same path, and that is how a spiritual family is created. We may live in a close-knit neighborhood or be attending a university or take a trip together, and in many cases, we call it a family. Where we work as much time as we spend together there, we call it our work family. We may work in a family business, even though sometimes they can be quite dysfunctional.

Each of these experiences helps us to appreciate the concept of family. The word family is defined as a group consisting of a family of children and parents living together. In some instances, it is a group brought together by love, support, and a framework of values that provide and protect them in times of joy and in times of distress.

We here with Life by Design, belong to a family of entrepreneurs. We come together because of our shared values of innovation, discovery, and courage. Let's be a loving family and encourage each other.

Cynthia "Salonista" Kosciuczyk

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Cynthia has a passion for art and science. Her background and travels have given her a unique perspective. A lifelong artist, she has studied architecture, art, and design in addition to her degrees in research and business. She has been living the entrepreneurial life.