Overcome or Stay In Fear


You Have 2 Choices

You know, dreams do come true. No matter how big the dream is or how small it is. You set the path, and you can accomplish those dreams with small goals. However, there is one thing that stops most people from achieving their dreams, and that is the fear of success. 

Call me crazy! But, the fear of success is way too real and a lot more overwhelming and scarier than the fear of failure. Think of it this way; you can stop whatever you are doing because you fear failure, and you will only go back to what is comfortable to you. But, when you have a fear of success, you’re only going to something unfamiliar, and it’s a whole lot of change, that may overwhelm you. But, you have two choices, face the fear or go back to comfort.

Fear of Failure Takes You Back

You only go back to your comfort space when you have a fear of failure. Every entrepreneur who is just now starting out has to realize that when you are setting your goals to becoming a millionaire, that fear of failure must not be part of your mindset. If you quit, you will find yourself back where you started. However, when you are setting your goals, set them to where they are small goals. Small goals help your mindset avoid the fear of failure, and it keeps you moving to the next level. The more you achieve, the more you grow. 

Fear of Success Is Scary, But Are You Ready?

The question is simple for you. Are you ready to move up even though the fear of success can be quite creepy? Just know that your mind will try to come up with every excuse for you to not move up because it’s different when you become more successful. The best way to overcome that mindset that is holding you back is to take action even if you are scared. At the end of the day, you are doing more than most entrepreneurs when it comes to action. The fear of success may be real, but just know every entrepreneur, even the most successful entrepreneurs, have those fears. The only difference between the successful and those people who are still trying to figure it out is the successful take action regardless of what they fear. Be fearless!


Dominic Cruz is the CruzIN Social Media Marketer, ex-professional hip-hop dancer, & college graduate at SDSU. He has a strong passion for social media and for what it has to offer to business owners like you. He was raised in the city of Boston, MA and born in New Orleans, LA. Every day there is something new in the world of social media and there are multiple ways of getting paid using social media. It's the platform that brings you exposure and with more exposure is more opportunity to bring in GUARANTEED revenue.