Own Your Power

In its simplest form owning power is the act of recognizing ‘I can do it.’ Now, it’s easy to feel capable when results and life are going great. It takes a conscious choice to feel it when life isn’t going as you’d like, or when you feel fear and doubt. To shift such feelings begins by recognizing that there’s a huge difference between what you’ve learned to believe, thus feel and create versus your true nature, how life really works and what’s possible.

Owning your power is recognizing that though you may at times feel limited – you are not! Though you may be creating limited results, or haven’t been able to stop feeling limiting feelings, these do not define you or what’s possible. Not being able to create the level of emotional, health or life changes doesn’t mean you can’t. It’s just feedback for learning to make the choices that will create what you want. Results may measure the choices you’ve made or where you are in the process of creation, but they don’t define you, your power or what’s possible.  

Own your power: “However it’s going, or how I feel, my true nature is always a being of creative and abundant energy that is every moment one with, supported by and partners co-creating with the abundant and creative energy of Life. Thus, I am inherently all I need to be to create the results or feelings I desire. My true nature is like the sun which is millions of times hotter than it feels. Thus, I am more, and more is possible that I’ve learned to believe, feel or create so far.” “Whatever I feel physically or emotionally, however results or life is going, by the choices I can and I am able to affect how it is positively.” However, it’s going is just feedback for getting conscious with and learning to make the choices of perception and action that will produce the results and feelings I desire.

This isn’t about whether or not you already know or believe this, it’s about reminding yourself this is the higher truth wherever doubts, fears or overwhelm arise to re-align with higher consciousness.  

Even if you haven’t yet learned how to create the results or feelings you want, owning you can directly affect your feelings, independent of changing people or circumstances, opens you to focus on learning how. Learning how to shifting beliefs that limit you and giving yourself the support to stay confidently and unconditionally in the flow of creation

Linda White

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Linda White, Master Life Teacher, healer, shaman and creator of Integrative Core Healing & Emotional Wisdom, has been helping people transform ingrained patterns, heal their body and live their dreams for over 18 years. What makes her work unique is the emphasis is connecting you with your unconditional higher self and applying in daily life the wisdom to own your power, love and accept yourself, let go of limits and judgments when triggered and to express the uniqueness of you.