Power of Women


Without women, there would be no world. What do I mean by that? Let me put this into perspective. A WOMAN gave birth to you. A WOMAN probably raised you. If you have a sister, she will become A WOMAN. Your future wife will be a WOMAN. Can you imagine a world that’s just men? The world would definitely not be the same. Men need women in their life to have that perfect balance. For this article, I’ll write what the Power of Women can do from a man’s perspective.

Women in Business: There is always something great about a female entrepreneur. For example, they excel more than men do in driving and producing sales for their business. I personally think it is very sexy and attractive for an independent strong woman to know what she wants in all that she does. For a woman to have control and power wouldn’t be seen in the early 1900s. Back then, women weren’t given the right to vote. It was always the male as the breadwinner or the one in power. Nowadays, if a male entrepreneur and a female entrepreneur get together, that’s what we call a power couple.

Women of Care: As I mentioned before in the first paragraph, everyone in their life has most likely been taken care of by a woman at some point in their life. Let’s take a mom for example. Mothers bring new humans into the world, raise her kids and then takes care of them. I would argue that women are more responsible than men. Women care a lot more. It’s just human nature. The care and love of a woman can really make anyone feel peaceful. There are a lot of caretakers, nurses, doctors, daycare supervisors that are women. Women are great at caring for those who need it. Eventually, a mother becomes a grandmother. A woman’s love is infinite.

Women of Inspiration: In the year 2019, I’m proud to say there are a ton of inspiring women to look up to. Role models such as Michelle Obama, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, JK Rowling, etc. The list goes on! Even woman from the past such as Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and many more! These are the women who made history and the others are making history today. Women you look up to don’t have to be famous either. It can be a mom, grandma, sister, aunt, friend or mentor. The world needs more female leaders. Maybe even a female president in the future! Who knows what can happen. Cheers to all the women who have these 3 high qualities!

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Born and raised in San Diego, California, Jonny is making it a mission to influence many around the world that are going through suffering by teaching on topics such as Meditation, Abundance, Mindfuless, and keeping a peace of mind. While discovering meditation back in 2013, life changed for Jonny forever. He has worked in countless marketing/sales positions that helped positioned him into Leadership and Entrepreneurship. With a background in the nightlife and finance industry, Jonny’s main goals is to connect deeply to those who need healing in their life and guidance to be a happier person.